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Vegetable ideas for Christmas day.

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nkf Sun 21-Dec-08 19:41:51

I'm in charge of veg. Will be cooking in someone else's kitchen. Stuff I can do on the hob will be best. Any ideas?
I thought sprouts (of course) with pancetta and chestnuts. And er...that's as far as I got.

tassisssss Sun 21-Dec-08 19:43:50

you can make braised red cabbage in advance and reheat (works in the microwave if that helps)

i adore oven roast veg, but realise that's the oven and not the hob

I hate sprouts but usually do a few at christmas for my dh!

nkf Sun 21-Dec-08 19:45:46

Red cabbage sounds good. Is that shredded with some kind of booze and cooked in the oven. I could cook it at home on Christmas Eve.

tassisssss Sun 21-Dec-08 19:47:32

yes, it has onion and cooking apples and spices in it too. you'll find a recipe on deliaonline though I'd half the amount of sugar she suggests! You could make it sooner and freeze it if you like.

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