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todler packed lunch

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MonkeyMa Wed 19-Mar-03 13:09:03

My ds of 22 months has a cold packed lunch at nursery three days a week. Recently she has been getting very fussy and sending her lunch box back almost untouched. I'm not too worried because she does eat reasonably well at home (most of the time). I've tried mini pitta, tortilla wraps, cheesy bread, pasta and rice salads etc. Does any body have any great ideas to tempt her?

Jaybee Wed 19-Mar-03 13:46:32

Cheese squares, cold sausages, sausage rolls, pieces of ham or cooked chicken, bread sticks, grapes, cereal (something like Cheerios), raisins - just a few ideas.

Maudy Wed 19-Mar-03 14:05:29

Mini Baby Bell cheese - always exciting as it has a wrapper and the waxy bit, carrot sticks and hummous, easy sanwiches - peanut butter, cream cheese, honey...fruit salad?

Bubblesmum Wed 19-Mar-03 17:58:11

You could try baked beans too... my 2 year old DD loves these for her lunch and doesn't seem to care that they are cold. I send in bread and butter cut up which she dips into the sauce too. I think a few different things are good...e.g. something savory, maybe a yoghurt and some fruit. Then even if she doesn't always eat the savoury thing at least everything else is healthy and nourishing too. My Dd also likes pasta / cous cous (with veg & chicken pieces cut up really small), cold sausages (I send ketchup wrapped up in some tinfoil), fish fingers, cut up cold meats, cheese slices...

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