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What alcohol do you use to light your xmas pudding??

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basementbear Sun 21-Dec-08 16:09:30

I was watching Nigella the other day and I'm sure she said she used vodka but I always thought it was brandy? Last year mine didn't light at all - think I must have bought the wrong sort of brandy. I hate xmas pudding myself and only bought a tiny one cos the DCs really wanted to see it go up in flames so they were very disappointed!! please help

bellaBuonNatalevita Sun 21-Dec-08 16:20:39

Any alcohol should flame. Will be brandy on ours.

Simplysally Sun 21-Dec-08 16:43:24

Brandy tastes nicer but you do need a fair glug of it to make it flame.

Just make sure you light the pudding and not the turkey grin.

Donk Sun 21-Dec-08 16:46:51

Make sure that you warm up the brandy in a LARGE spoon before setting fire to it as you pour it over the pudding (the alcohol needs to start evaporating so that it can catch fire)

basementbear Mon 22-Dec-08 20:17:31

Donk - I poured it straight on the pudding, maybe that is where I went wrong blush

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