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Need your recipes for spicy parsnip soup!

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WewishyouaBUMPERLICIOUS Fri 19-Dec-08 10:22:10

Went to a Christmas meal at a restaurant the other day. The spicy parsnip soup was yummy. Does anyone have any good recipes?

sparkybabe Fri 19-Dec-08 19:13:49

Parsnip soup is lovely with either curry, chilli or horseradish.

Chop an onion and some parsnips. Fry off in a bit of oil,(add curry powder at this stage) add stock. Cook till soft and add chilli if using. Whizz until smooth. Thin down with milk, add horseradish if using.

Easy peasy

MerryChristmasPANDAGHappy09 Fri 19-Dec-08 19:16:43

I add apple too, and some cream after I've whizzed it. In fact, there is a large pot of curried parsnip soup on my stove cooling to go in the freezer! (will add vran after it has defrosted) Yummy smile

MerryChristmasPANDAGHappy09 Fri 19-Dec-08 19:17:09

(vran = cream! blush)

WewishyouaBUMPERLICIOUS Fri 19-Dec-08 20:18:44

Thank you! Is it better if you roast the parsnips first?

MerryChristmasPANDAGHappy09 Sat 20-Dec-08 10:03:56

I never have, just saute them initially then cook completely in the stock ( I use veg stock made from powder - is it Marigold? the one Delia recommends anyway)

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