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How much mulled wine should I make for 6 for afternoon drinkies?

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SpankyouHardOnChristmasNight Wed 17-Dec-08 21:32:13

As in, how many bottles of wine do I throw in?

thisisyesterday Wed 17-Dec-08 21:35:17

depends what kind of mulled wine you're making maybe?
if you're adding orange juice etc then 2 should be fine? that would give you at least 2 glasses each

depends how much you wanna drink too though.,
maybe have another one handy

tassisssss Wed 17-Dec-08 21:36:13

I'd think 2 bottles would be heaps if you're adding water/orange juice.

SpankyouHardOnChristmasNight Wed 17-Dec-08 21:43:35

oooh - how much OJ do I add for 2 bottles? My recipe doesn't mention it hmm

thisisyesterday Wed 17-Dec-08 21:52:39

ahh well that's why I mention depends what kind you're making!
i have a lovely one with a rose wine that is JUST wine, no extras. so in that case you might want a thrid bottle

if you're doing bog standard mulled wine though I think you can usually add about half a carton of OJ per bottle. and some brandy. and a bit of water.
i just make it up

tassisssss Wed 17-Dec-08 22:18:34

i make delia's recipe

you'll find it on deliaonline

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