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what to do with my bargain shopping?

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DisasterArea Wed 17-Dec-08 10:19:48

i got

1 bag sprouts 10p (yuk but had to get them)
2 spring greens 15p
1 bag king ed potatoes 70p
1 pot basil 25p

also one bunch lillies from 12.99 to 60p and somelisianthus 20p.

i love bargain shopping butnow do't know what to do with the edible bits.

lovelydear Wed 17-Dec-08 10:21:13


elliott Wed 17-Dec-08 10:24:37

bubble and squeak with the greens and potatoes.

georgiemum Wed 17-Dec-08 10:25:38

gnocci with a creamy suace with the greens in it yumyumyum
sprout soup?

I wouldn't eat the flowers though.

lilolilbethlehem Wed 17-Dec-08 13:52:34

save some of the spring greens for a minestrone soup (stock/tin of tomatoes/onions/herbs/garlic/shredded spring greens/small pasta or snapped up spaghetti).

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