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Gag Me With a ... Lump?

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NotQuiteCockney Wed 23-Mar-05 21:21:46

I've just started weaning DS2, 6 months, in the last week. Despite being very very interested in solids, or at least in grabbing food, he's not very competant so far.

If I give him purees, he thinks about them, and pushes them back out. He doesn't get too annoyed, although he doesn't think I should be putting things in his mouth, it seems.

If I give him rice cakes etc, he gums them a lot, spits out most of it, and every so often gags, lots, on bits.

Does gagging mean he's choking? He doesn't seem to be choking, I've not had to turn him over and whack him on the back. Does gagging mean he can't really cope with lumps yet? He does get quite unhappy when he gags, shocker.

I guess my big question is, do I:

a) stop bothering with solids for a few weeks?
b) stick to purees?
c) keep offering lumpy things?

(It's all so different - DS1 was weaned from 16 weeks, and never never never gagged. No doubt the two facts are unrelated, but this whole experience is thoroughly weird to me.)

TrinaJ Wed 23-Mar-05 21:34:32

I am a nursery nurse but against popular advice I had to wean my ds very early - he's not yet 5 months but been weaned for weeks!! My advice is stick to purees, but persevere, they will gag on even purees, my ds gags on potato but is fine with almost anything else. Gagging is not choking, they will make themselves sick dislodging anything before they choke! It is a reflex action to push food out of their mouths, once they are 6 months this reflex starts to disappear, it will soon be much easier.
Leave it about a couple more weeks until he's used to eating to try finger foods or try things like carrot, cucumber sticks that he's less likely to get chunks off and choke!
Sorry for long message, hope this helps!

NotQuiteCockney Thu 24-Mar-05 09:52:01

Thanks TrinaJ, but I don't think he's pushing out purees as a reflex. He seems to think about it, keep them for a few seconds, then push them out.

I guess I'll give purees another go or two ...

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