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Nigella's sweet & sour ribs - help please!

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SparklyTinselBella Sun 14-Dec-08 22:12:06

Would love to make this for dh but, despite owning almost all of Nigella's books I don't seem to have the recipe. I saw her make them on her Christmas programme so am assuming they are either in her new Christmas book or in Nigella Express, which I don't have.

The marinade had cranberry sauce and mandarins in it.

TIA wink

SparklyTinselBella Mon 15-Dec-08 09:27:44

<hopeful bump>

fishie Mon 15-Dec-08 09:43:59

must be in christmas book. she's on tonight at 8.30, wait with notebook?

faithandhope Mon 15-Dec-08 09:48:09

Hi,if you copy and paste this ,not sure if it is the one you

SexyDomesticatedDad Mon 15-Dec-08 12:27:20

Not in Xmas book - can't find that style of recipe in any of the books - I can usually recall where the recipes come from after drooling reading through the books.

fishie Mon 15-Dec-08 13:30:33

let's make it up ourselves. what could the sour bit be? some sort of vinegar, maybe white wine?

PortAndStilton Mon 15-Dec-08 13:35:03

Cutting and pasting and de-Americanising faithandhope's link contents...

Sweet and Sticky Ribs

from Nigella's Christmas Kitchen, 2007


- 4 fluid ounces (125 ml) Thai or Chinese sweet chilli sauce
- 2 fluid ounces (60 ml) cranberry sauce (from a jar)
- 2 fluid ounces (60 ml) dark sweet soy sauce
- 1 clementine, juice and sliced rind
- 1 lime, juice and sliced rind
- 15 to 20 pork spare ribs


Place all the ingredients into a large freezer bag and mix well. Seal the bag and place it on a dish so that it can lie flat. Transfer the bag to the fridge and leave overnight to marinate.

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees C (350 degrees F).

Remove the ribs from the fridge and transfer them from the freezer bag to a roasting tin and cover loosely with aluminium foil. Transfer the roasting tin to the oven. Cook the ribs in the oven for 1 hour, turning them over after 30 minutes.

Raise the oven temperature to 200 degrees C (400 degrees F) and remove the foil from the roasting tin. Cook for a further 15 to 30 minutes, or until the ribs are sticky and cooked through.

To serve, place the ribs onto a large serving plate.

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