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Iatemakkapakka - are you about today - need advice re Hob Nobs

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Concepta Fri 12-Dec-08 11:23:52

I got your Hob Nob biscuit recipe several weeks ago on one of the threads and tried them. They tasted lovely and were easy to make. I made them on the Friday night - and we all had a sample and they were perfect. By the next day they got really hard - we still ate them - dipped them in our tea!!. What did I do wrong. They were so nice and everyone is asking for me to make them again. Maybe I overcooked them. Any advice.

Concepta Sat 13-Dec-08 18:20:19

Are you there today?

bump for makkapakka


It's possible they were a bit overcooked - I don't think they're meant to be but I prefer them chewy. I find if you put them into an airtight box as soon as they're cool they keep longer.

Also they don't last long enough for staleness to be an issue in this house blush

Concepta Fri 19-Dec-08 10:14:21

Thanks - I will try them again. They really were delicious. Thanks for your help.

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