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packed lunch for a fussy eater, please help.

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misdee Tue 22-Mar-05 10:10:30

dd1 is moving onto packed lunches next term as i fed up with the rubbish she eats for school dinners. she is very fussy tho.

Sanwiches will only be meat (ham, chicken, turkey), she wont touch yogurt, will eat oranges and carrot sticks, drinks err might be able to have water, but generally she likes juice and milk.

suggestions please for lunch boxes. and anyway i can get her to eat some healthy things without her knowing. (if its green she wont touch it)

Dannie Tue 22-Mar-05 10:27:39

Dried fruit? Mini Babybel cheeses? Savoury flapjacks made with cheese instead of syrup?

sacha3taylor Tue 22-Mar-05 10:33:58

Cereal bars, fruit sticks or (I don't think it is too unhealth) fruit bread.

MandM Tue 22-Mar-05 10:42:05

Those little Fruitini tins of fruit, small pots of ready made jelly, mini tins of rice pudding? You could let her choose from the little bags of dried fruit that the supermarkets have or even the bags of ready chopped apple and grapes (McD style). Individual bags of biscuits ie mini jaffa cakes or Asda even do little Honey bear biscuits that have added iron/vitamins. Hot Cross Buns or Fruit Teacakes with jam on, malt loaf, scotch pancakes..... oh I LOVE food...can you tell?!

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