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Can I cook a cake in a pyrex dish?

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ChirpyGrinch Fri 05-Dec-08 19:47:40

I am making a car birthday cake for DH and if I cook it in my glass pyrex dish then it will be nice and curvy to start with, will it work?

IlanaK Fri 05-Dec-08 19:48:29

I did this on holiday as the cottage had no cake tins. It worked, but it certainly affected the cooking time.

Anna8888 Fri 05-Dec-08 19:50:10

Difficult. It tends to make an awful lot of crust as the pyrex gets hotter than a metal tin.

TheNewsMongersGeansaiNollag Fri 05-Dec-08 20:03:06

I think so, if you grease it and line it.

How would it affect cooking time? does it need longer :?

Olihan Fri 05-Dec-08 20:20:10

You can, I've made a few cakes that need bowl shaped cakes as a base and it's fine. Like the others have said, it takes ages and you need to make absolutely sure the middle is cooked - a skewer put into the centre should come clean and you shouldn't be able to hear any bubbling if you listen to it.

You also need to grease the bowl really well and put a disc of greased baking paper in the bottom to make sure it comes out okay.

TheVirginGoober Fri 05-Dec-08 20:22:47

May be tricky to turn it out as the dish is heavier.

ChirpyGrinch Fri 05-Dec-08 23:50:56

okay, so it takes
Shall give it a go and report back

MadamDeathstarOverBethlehem Sat 06-Dec-08 01:15:02

It should work for a fruit cake or one that takes a while to cook. I am not sure if a sponge would do well because the pyrex walls are thicker and don't conduct heat as well as metal.

ChirpyGrinch Sat 06-Dec-08 07:35:23

Oh. Bugger. I wanted to do a chocolate aponge.

If I buy a cheapo roasting dish with curvy bottom that would work wouldn't it?

MadamDeathstarOverBethlehem Sat 06-Dec-08 16:58:28

If it's metal it should be fine.

I mentioned about the sponge, because DH and I tried to make a swiss roll in a shallow stoneware dish. It was cooked on top but was raw on the bottom for the first attempt. The second attempt we preheated the dish and the bottom burnt.

The longer cooking time gives a chance for the temperature through the glass to even out and reach the cake.

Olihan Sun 07-Dec-08 22:39:54

Sponge is fine, all mine have been madeira sponges and have turned out perfectly.

sallyhollyberry Sun 07-Dec-08 22:42:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

dandycandyjellybean Mon 08-Dec-08 17:37:45

did a princess cake (skirt) in a ceramic cereal dish, worked fine...!

Wildebeest Mon 08-Dec-08 17:39:33

you SO need to change your name.

ChirpyGrinch Tue 09-Dec-08 15:35:22

I chickened and bought a cheap roasting dish! it worked fine then..might try out a pyrex with a cake that doesn't matter so much to check times.

Wildebeest - who do you mean?

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