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Another food question about babies.....

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Gobbledigook Mon 21-Mar-05 12:34:59

Sorry, I'm on a roll for questions now!

In a bit of rut with ds3's food. He has the following things pureed/mashed:


sweet potato

And I just mix and match. Just this week started to add chicken to the veg and will also start adding cod. The other thing I sometimes add is cheese. The only other thing he has is yoghurt.

What else can I give a 6.5-7month old?? (Yeah, you'd never think I'm doing this for the 3rd time!!!)

jackeroo Mon 21-Mar-05 13:35:57

DS loves avocado mixed with banana or peach and yoghurt. also mango with yoghurt. and scrambled egg mixes well with other things like cheese and veg. he also likes chicken mixed with fruit and yoghurt. and any fruit with custard goes down well. weetabix is also great mushed up in milk with fruit puree on top...

nailpolish Mon 21-Mar-05 13:42:26

what about porridge? with fruit? have you tried toast? my dd just sucks on fingers of toast

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