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What on earth do I do with a bag of frozen spinach?

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snafu Mon 21-Mar-05 11:16:45

I've just bought a big bag of organic frozen spinach. I'm not quite sure why. What can I do with it?

I had the vague idea of mixing some into ds's ubiquitous tomato pasta, but that's about it. Any suggestions for mouthwatering, scrummy, delicious things to do with blobs of frozen spinach?

nailpolish Mon 21-Mar-05 11:17:22

gorgeous on pizzas!

maisystar Mon 21-Mar-05 11:22:12

stick it in any sauce, curry, lasagne, anything involving ricotta is mmmmmmm

cook it, squeeze water out thoroughly, mix with cheese and stuff into pitte bread.

i love spinach

handlemecarefully Mon 21-Mar-05 11:23:12

I mix it with boiled rice, so when giving dd some chicken curry with rice, her rice has a block or two of spinach added to it (good way of getting more veggies down her)

JoolsToo Mon 21-Mar-05 11:23:27

Im a spinach fan too - maybe thats why I look like Popeye

snafu Mon 21-Mar-05 11:25:56

Oooh, thanks. I do love spinach when someone else cooks it - just can't remember ever having cooked it myself before. I bought some nice Taleggio cheese as well - maybe I could make a pizza with that?

I might try and find a recipe for sag aloo...yumyum...

Legacy Mon 21-Mar-05 11:27:17

Great in Thai Chicken Green Curry!!

Tinker Mon 21-Mar-05 11:27:20

Use it in fish pies. Gorgeous.

Furball Mon 21-Mar-05 11:27:58

I put it in bolognese. I just chuck the cubes in when adding the tinned tomatoes etc.

handlemecarefully Mon 21-Mar-05 11:29:36

This thread should be renamed:

'Wonderful, versatile Spinach'

I thinking about starting a similar thread - What on earth do I do with mung beans - to see if that floors everybody

moondog Mon 21-Mar-05 11:29:47

Put it in omelettes with some cheese.
Ds 98 mths) has this for lunch nearly every day.

You mean you haven't tried my fab spinach and chickpea curry, snafu???!!

mummytosteven Mon 21-Mar-05 11:31:18

moondog - have you put the recipe for that curry onto here in the food section - sounds nice!

snafu Mon 21-Mar-05 11:32:56

I know, I'm feeling rather now as obviously there are gazillion things to do with frozen spinach!

Moondog, what's the recipe?! I've got a tin of chickpeas a-lurking somewhere - I was going to do chickpea and sweet potato curry from Sainsbury's mag but I could be persuaded otherwise...

MunchedTooManyMarsLady Mon 21-Mar-05 11:33:39

so moondog your DS is 8?

JoolsToo Mon 21-Mar-05 11:34:42

mung beans? - I don't know but Gillian Mckeith has got a cookbook out so I'm sure there will be recipes in that!

nailpolish Mon 21-Mar-05 11:34:57

hi MD, are you home again?

FrenchGirl Mon 21-Mar-05 11:38:12

put in oven proof dish with a bit of creme fraiche, salt and pepper, crack an egg in the middle and cook in the oven until egg is done (Epinards a la Florentine) delicious!

motherinferior Mon 21-Mar-05 11:39:10

Bung into lentil soup, with garlic and cumin and lemon juice, yummmmmmmmmy, I'm making that tomorrow!

OldieMum Mon 21-Mar-05 11:39:14

Spinach soup - fry some chopped onion, mix in the thawed spinach (squeeze water out first), add stock, nutmeg and pepper, cook for about 10 mins, then blend until smooth. Add a drop of lemon juice and, if you want, some cream.

OldieMum Mon 21-Mar-05 11:40:22

Make a mushroom risotto and stir in thawed spinach at the end (having squeezed the water out first). Gives a lovely texture.

muminlondon Mon 21-Mar-05 11:41:49

Stuffed spinach and cheese pancakes (make a cheese sauce, warm up the spinach and take out the water)?

moondog Mon 21-Mar-05 11:47:46

Er yes..ds is 8 months!

OK, my recipe (all very vague)

Fry onions, garlic and chillies (to taste) until brown. Add some good curry paste ( eg Pataks). Then add a tin of chickpeas, stir a bit, then add tin ot tomatoes,some tom puree and spinach (fresh or frozen) Simmer for maybe 25 mins (less if using frozen spinach.)
Serve with rice and a yoghurt,cucumber and mint raita.
Even better reheated!

MunchedTooManyMarsLady Mon 21-Mar-05 11:49:35

I was laughing Moondog because you had typed 98months and I had to respond. Sorry!

moondog Mon 21-Mar-05 11:49:35

oldiemum, will CAT you know re rugby..

Lonelymum Mon 21-Mar-05 11:50:21

Keep it in the freezer as a handy ice pack in the event of sprains.

Seriously, I bought some once and thought it tasted disgusting. Ended up throwing it away.

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