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How in the name of arse do you core a tomato?

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CountessDracula Sat 19-Mar-05 20:28:38

Does it mean just take out the green bit and the bit under it, or the seeds too?

Newbarnsleygirl Sat 19-Mar-05 20:29:32

It's just that top bit and the underneath.

I think!

Good luck with it anyway!!

kama Sat 19-Mar-05 20:29:42

Message withdrawn

Miaou Sat 19-Mar-05 20:29:44

I have no idea CD, but your thread title just made me ROFL

CountessDracula Sat 19-Mar-05 20:29:58


I left the seeds in

JoolsToo Sat 19-Mar-05 20:30:07

the seeds are slimy and yuk!

CountessDracula Sat 19-Mar-05 20:30:23

hope nbg is right

SoupDragon Sat 19-Mar-05 20:30:26


CountessDracula Sat 19-Mar-05 20:31:05

Soupy thanks that's what I did

<smug emoticon>

Lonelymum Sat 19-Mar-05 20:31:34

Why would you want to? If you are doing stuffed tomatoes, you take off the top as you would a boiled egg, and scrape out the seeds and middle bit. Otherwise, a phrase comes to mind: Life's too short to core a tomato.... Or something like that!

CountessDracula Sat 19-Mar-05 20:32:17

only making sauce to go on a homemade pizza

Don't think it matters if a few seeds are in there

Too late now anyway!

Newbarnsleygirl Sat 19-Mar-05 20:32:46

Having fun then CD?

Lonelymum Sat 19-Mar-05 20:33:30

????????Why does the tomato need to be cored if it is going on a pizza?

kama Sat 19-Mar-05 20:33:34

Message withdrawn

kama Sat 19-Mar-05 20:33:35

Message withdrawn

Newbarnsleygirl Sat 19-Mar-05 20:34:13

Ooohhhh I love making pizza's!

Have you done it all from scratch?

SoupDragon Sat 19-Mar-05 20:35:17

Oh, just use tinned tomoatos.

this doesn't mention the seeds either.

CountessDracula Sat 19-Mar-05 23:13:48

Yes done from scratch, dd very interested in rising dough...

The sauce was just tomatoes (cored OF COURSE) whizzed up in mini blender with basil, then add garlic and olive oil and leave for a bit.

It was YUM

Newbarnsleygirl Sat 19-Mar-05 23:16:35

I make them when BIL and his girlfriend come over. I do a mean one for him with Tabasco sauce!

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