If I want to cook my rice pudding on the hob, do I use the same quantities as I would if I put it in the oven?

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twofalls Wed 26-Nov-08 09:09:23

THat is really! Have a nice recipe but don't really want the oven on for 2 hours.


captainmummy Wed 26-Nov-08 12:00:27

I always do rice pudding on the hob - hardly ever use the oven and when I do I fill it up with cakes and casseroles etc!

I use 2 oz rice
1 oz sugar
1 oz butter and about 3/4 pint milk, you can add more if it gets too dry.

Bring to the boil to melt butter, and the simmer VVV slowly for about 1 hour. Maybe less, until the rice has absorbed the liquid. This makes enough for 3 hungry kids!

twofalls Wed 26-Nov-08 14:27:15

thank you! I made it, its lovely. We are all sick at the moment so I needed to make something comfortable and easy to eat. It went down well.

captainmummy Wed 26-Nov-08 18:24:18

Yup - comfort food! Rice pudding and mashed potato.


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