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Come Dine With Me - Your menu and your score

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swottybetty Tue 25-Nov-08 21:56:30

pea and garlic soup
stuffed middle of pork.
tuck shop torte (not quite sure how that would work, but i live in a boarding school. i'm thinking a kind of choc tart with celebrations on top grin)

23 i reckon, hopefully second dont know if i could win cause my patter aint that great

pombear Tue 25-Nov-08 22:30:51

smoked salmon, creme fraiche and blinis

rack of lamb with roasted vegetables and smashed saute potatoes (I always like the idea of squashing roasties!)

lemon sorbet drizzled (well, soaked) with vodka!

24 - not much for cooking effort, but the party went with a swing!

fryalot Tue 25-Nov-08 22:36:18

smoked salmon and prawn parcelly thingimajigs as a cocktail snacky thing, then the main starter of:

home made pate with home made bread, cucumber and cumberland sauce

carrot soup

fillet steak with mushroom sauce

home made apple pie with cream


bags of wine with each course and a shot of something wicked before the coffee.

My score would be about mid-twenties because it would be good, but there would be someone better. And the sleepy eyed children coming down in the middle of the meal and saying (in a very whiney voice) but mummmmeeeeeeeee, you PROMISED to read the end of Charlottes web to me tonight, when are these people going HOME!!!!) may knock a few points off

samsonara Tue 25-Nov-08 23:35:32

Pompear if the meat is done medium rare I'd give you a 10, that's my kind of menu, Swooty I'd think your menu was weird , but you could make up for it if you gve me extra celebrations on my pudding! Squonk I'd be a bit unsure about yours but fillet steak and mushroom sauce and apple pie with cream could tip the scales. So about me, well starters will be duckbreast and watercress and orange salad, mains would be roast seabass with spring onion and garlic and boiled potatoes and asparagas and samphire , followed by homemade mini marbled sponge and custard with mixed chocolate shavings, A wine with each course and coffee and mints after! I think I'd score 28 or more

dizzydixies Tue 25-Nov-08 23:37:33

oh no have I missed one? I only just watched the Aberdeen lot with that really annoying bloke in the kilt sad

dizzydixies Tue 25-Nov-08 23:38:06

oh god, just read this properly

ignore me blushblush

am going to bed blush

theramones Tue 25-Nov-08 23:52:20

Carrot, honey and orange soup with home made bread rolls.
Roasted vegetable stew with moroccan couscous
Cherry Chocolate Soufflé.
Cheese board.
20 maybe less, as it is a soup followed by a stew.

swottybetty Wed 26-Nov-08 18:37:35

samsonara whats weird about my menu? <<sulks>>. 28, huh? ooooh.... i'd love to take you on grin

squonk - you have TWO starters. they both sound lovely but my detailed study of the series reveals that extra courses never go down that well. i may just score you extra for the kids tho'. put 'em in new pjs and get them to scrub their faces til they shine and thats at least two points from soppy me.

samsonara Wed 26-Nov-08 23:36:29

No offence intended swotty, it was my "put all the others off" tactic for the camera, you know when they show you the menu, I'd be goig oh oh weird menu.....yes yes ok , I'd be the weird one who moans and then scoffs all the pudding grin

swottybetty Thu 27-Nov-08 14:43:33

better than hiding it in your handbag as the geordie lady did the other day ... hmm

TrillianAstra Sun 30-Nov-08 18:11:37

I'm watching the omnibus on more4 now, and a woman was criticised for serving too much mash! There's not such thing!

TheDevilWearsPrimark Sun 30-Nov-08 18:24:35

I've thought about this loads (sad I know)

I would do

Gin and tonic on arrival. I would serve with those amazing 'fish and chips' cracker/crisp things.

watermelon, rocket, cucumber and lemongrass salad with white wine and white soy dressing

seafood risotto with crusty bread

summer fruits jelly and vanilla ice cream

We would drink lots of good white wine

TrillianAstra Sun 30-Nov-08 18:27:00

TDWP - your menu sounds lovely for the summer. Maybe I need to think of seasonal menus...

TheDevilWearsPrimark Sun 30-Nov-08 18:42:37

Oh yes winter

good brandy and nuts on arrival

mini toad in the hole with warm onion chutney

Roast beef, dauphinoise potatoes with horseradish and broad beans, green beans and split peas stir fried

Cadburys minature heroes terrine and ice cream.

Lots of red wine!

TrillianAstra Sun 30-Nov-08 18:49:41

For pudding I would definitely make either:
Irish Cream Tiramisu (Nigella)
Thrice-Baked Cheesecake (DP's recipe).

Main course either:
Pork steams in mustard cream sauce with gnocchi
Slow-roasted rosemary and garlic lamb with roast veg and rustic mash
Chilli, olive, and garlic marinated lamb steaks with either mash or chunky potato wedges

I just need to sort out my starters.

Of course there would be lots of everything, and plenty of booze. If I could I would get a Muscat de Rivesaltes for a dessert wine, and we've just worked out how to do liquer coffees with the new coffee machine.

TrillianAstra Sun 30-Nov-08 18:50:26

I knwo that was backwards - I'm better at making desserts.

Oh, and there woudl be lots of lovely olives to nibble on in case I got behind schedule.

serin Sun 30-Nov-08 22:33:21

Greek Greek Greek

Meze to start, big platters of houmous, tzatziki, kalamata olives, tomatoes, feta, warm bread.

Mousakka with big chunky chips and a mixed green salad, and ketchup (don't care)

A light almond sponge with yoghurt and honey to finish.

To drink? Definitely not Retsina!

Boring I know but my absolute favourite.
Would watch Mamma Mia when they had all gone home and imagine that I was on holiday.

Score? 15?

serin Sun 30-Nov-08 22:36:02

Am intrigued by SwottyBetty living in a boarding school, is it very Harry Potter?

ChirpyGrinch Sun 30-Nov-08 22:43:18

I would go for traditional and cosy

Would start with warm mixed nuts and champagne cocktails to welcome people
Brie stuffed Mushrooms
Slow cooked Beef and Guiness Stew with pastry pie lids, Jackets and green veg
White choc cheesecake with raspberry sauce.

Each place setting would have a small puzzle (those metal linky things) for people to play with between courses/talk about/gouge eyes out

Score, maybe 19/20, would gain some as it is all pre-preparable so could 'attend' to my guests with lots of booze!

shoegalxx Tue 23-Dec-08 06:29:07

starter; homemade cheese and broccoli soup with warm crusty french bread

main; pan fried salmon (marinated in olive oil, chilli, garlic and lime), roasted baby potatoes with butter and parsely, roasted cherry tomatoes on the vine, with a balsamic sauce

dessert; raspberry pavlova with cream...yum

lots of coffee and wine with a cheese board

hopefully a score above 20
wish i had a big house so could apply!! im hungry now...!!!grin

FiveGoMadInDorset Tue 23-Dec-08 06:55:50

For Winter

Starter - lobster and scallops in a saffron and cream sauce with homemade bread

Main - fillet of beef withs dauphinoise potatoes, runner beans, peas and a mushroom sauce (sorry squonk tis my favorite too)

Pudding - a choice of chocolate bread and butter pudding with cream, custard or homemade ice cream.

Copious amounts of wine,

XmasFairyGrrrl Tue 23-Dec-08 12:12:03

Spicy Parsnip Soup with homemade bread

Roast chicken, stuffing, mash, veg and gravy

An enormous trifle

All accompanied by lots of booze.

I'd get about 19 i reckon hmm

lovelySongBirdFelloutTheTree Tue 23-Dec-08 18:48:54

marking thread

will be back

tootiredtothink Tue 30-Dec-08 20:17:06

FiveGoMadInDorset - come back!!!!!

Am loving your starter and need a recipe if you would be ever so kind grin.

Doing lunch for 7 on New Years day and stuck for starter.

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