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Urgent - Receipe for cupcake icing needed

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Wills Sun 09-Mar-03 09:09:48


Help. I found a recipe for cupcakes but at the end it simply states "pour on the icing". Great - how do I make runny icing that will set solid? Its my dd's party this afternoon so I need to get on with this asap if anyone has any ideas I'll be very grateful. Thanks

P.S. I'm off to find a dictionary to spell receipe because nothing here looks right!

prufrock Sun 09-Mar-03 09:22:07

Wills - just icing sugar and water- it will set - honest. I use water that is just off boiling. About 150g sugar to 1 tbsp - you want a fairly thick paste that *just* pours. Alternatively - send dh to the shops pronto for a pack of instant royal icing

Ghosty Sun 09-Mar-03 10:00:43

Altenatively you could use icing sugar and lemon juice instead of water - makes it a little more interesting ... I never measure it out but put in little drops of juice at a time with a bowl full fo icing sugar and mix to get the consistency that I need (icing sugar needs very little liquid to make a paste)

Wills Sun 09-Mar-03 11:10:03

Done it. Thanks for the help. Had to do two loads as I underestimated the quantity of icing sugar to the number of cakes so I tried it with lemon as well. I now have loads of delicate pink cakes with tonnes of decorations. Wont win any elegance prizes but my daughter loves them.


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