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Fussy easter

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familyof3 Tue 15-Mar-05 19:29:22

my little girl is 17 months and is extremely fussy with food. Breakfast is fine, she will eat a bowl of porridge with an orange then a 5oz of milk, nothing for lunch other than a handle of raisins and a slice of bread and butter. Will eat any meat and potatoes but no vegetables. Then before she goes to bed she will eat stewed fruit and yogurt. I know that she isn't hungrey, but I am worried about a balanced diet and also the fact that she doesn't eat vegetables. I have tried and tried. Has anyone any suggestions about how I might get her to eat them. Every suggestions would be a godsend. Thanks a million Caroline

hermykne Tue 15-Mar-05 19:40:09

caroline hiya
my dd was atrocious at eating and now at 2+5mths is really good at saying "dont like" to anything new.
i have just given her awedge of apple and she liternally nibbles at it.
i posted so many times here when her appetite decreased around 1 and there were lots of similar mums and the most common advice was dont fret, they will eat enough and their brain cells arent affected. as long as she wasnt lethargic and ill. i tried and tried offering new things and then settled on her favorites, vegs are tricky so i make chicken nuggets and disguise apple and carrot in them and she likes them.

you're lucky you little girl eats porridge i'd be thrilled if mine would.

dont fret do a archive search and oyu ll be amazed

trinityrocks Tue 15-Mar-05 19:52:57

I know this is no advice and won't make you feel any better but when my DD was that old she still wouldn't eat a single thing with a single lump in it!!!!!!!!! She would never touch fruit or veg and would never have eaten porridge. SHe has just now started to be a little more adventurous and will eat her veg and sometimes actually ask for fruit and she's now 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your daughter sounds to me like she eats really well for her age and she will probably just take a little time and encouragment to start eating a wider range of food.

helsi Tue 15-Mar-05 19:56:00

FO3 there was a post on this yesterday if you can find it plus like hermykne says there have been others before as it is not rare believe me. Did you knw that a child has to be introduced to a new food an average of 20 times before they will eat it. Just keep trying. the key is not to make a fuss if she doesn't want anything just take it away and try later.

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