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leftover puff pastry

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rislip Fri 14-Nov-08 16:06:34

What can I do with some left over puff pastry? I have mozzarella, tomatos, sun dried toms, red peppers,rocket, ham, chedder and parmesan, tomato puree and fresh pesto. I know I can make some kind of tart or pizza, but just lacking inspiration to put it together.


Bienchen Fri 14-Nov-08 18:38:40

canapees? Just cut into inch sized squares and then do lots of different toppings.

You could put a dollop of jam on some and have dessert, too.

onebatmother Fri 14-Nov-08 18:48:17

I would char red peps under grill, while simmering down down tin of toms with garlic and olive oil for 20 mins with any fresh herbs you have, and soaking dried toms.

Then roll pastry out into a rectangle, pretty thin, and cook for 12 mins 180-ish. Then smear the reduced tom sauce on, chuck the rest of ingredients on - do little puddles of pesto rather than smeared over whole thing, and sprinkle parmesan v lightly. Cook at 200 for 15 mins (put rocket on a bit later than everything else). Check, cook for longer if necess. Do you have black olives and/or anchovies? They are good.

It will be a bit messy and not quite authentic but I'm sure will taste delicious and you will feel very chi-chi, throwing all these ingredients together in a budget Med gourmet stylee.

rislip Fri 14-Nov-08 18:55:58

Oh that sounds right up my street onebat. Oh and I always feel chi-chi grin

onebatmother Fri 14-Nov-08 19:10:40

Oh good! Check pastry before these time just in case I am wildly out in my timings. It wants to be a bit cooked off, if you know what I mean, before you put toppings on, but it might take less than that. Also fan ovens throw it all off..

Ciao, Chi-chi.

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