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Sandwiches for 11mth old

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kikidee Mon 14-Mar-05 21:18:32

I occassionally give my 11 month old ds a sandwich if we're out and it's not easy to heat his food. Usually it's cream cheese or mashed banana which he seems perfectly happy with but I feel as if it's the same thing all the time. I wondered about tuna but it seems quite salty plus I'm not a great fan of it so I'm not quite sure what to do with it - mix it with mayo maybe? Whatever I choose needs to be fairly soft and spreadable as things like ham/slices of cheese will just fall out the bread. Any ideas?

coldtea Mon 14-Mar-05 21:38:54

Can you take out a small tupperware bowl & give him the bread , cheese seperately? You could give breadsticks & ricecakes also. How about egg mayonnaise? I often mix tuna with mayo , but if you buy tuna in sunflower oil it's quite moist so you don't need to add it. My children love tuna & have done since about this age. I must have a brain block as i can't think of anything else!

lunavix Mon 14-Mar-05 21:40:09

mashed avocado?

ds is 11 months and loves this!

sacha3taylor Mon 14-Mar-05 21:40:17

My dd had marmite from quite a young age!

coldtea Mon 14-Mar-05 21:41:00

Mmmm Marmite-love it!!

Surfermum Mon 14-Mar-05 21:42:12

DD loves jam sandwiches.

mrspink27 Mon 14-Mar-05 21:42:25

houmous, my dd loves it, paric with bits of veg sticks and bread sticks, or pitta bread, but also in a sandwich

Twiglett Mon 14-Mar-05 21:42:31

tuna in sunflower oil not brine, mix with mayo

cottage cheese

salmon poached


Ags Mon 14-Mar-05 21:42:49

Tuna in brine is salty but if you use tuna in oil or spring water, the salt content is not as high.

How about mashed avocado and cream cheese? Or really mashed chicken mayo?

My ds is 18 months now but remember the days of limited menu very well. It can be a bit of a pain.

HUNKERMUNKER Mon 14-Mar-05 21:44:08

Egg mayo - DS has this (I use the egg yolk only, for both reasons of allergies and also because it goes to a smoother texture so less likely to go all over the place!).

Houmous and grated carrot? DS has lil moo organic cheese sticks (from most supermarkets), rice cakes, breadsticks, semi-dried fruit (the unsulphured apricots from M&S are good). He also has ham - you can get organic wafer thin ham from Tesco. If you use a bit of butter/cream cheese to hold it into the bread, it goes down a treat!

DS is 11 months old too, btw. He loves sandwiches

HUNKERMUNKER Mon 14-Mar-05 21:45:22

How about Sunwheel pear and apple spread? You can get it in health food shops - it's made from concentrated fruit juice and has no sugar in it. It looks like marmite! Very tasty - I prefer it to jam!

handlemecarefully Mon 14-Mar-05 21:45:30

Cream cheese with chopped grape is a lovely combination (yes, really)

handlemecarefully Mon 14-Mar-05 21:46:15

Oooh like the sound of that Hunkermunker. Will look out for that

ThomCat Mon 14-Mar-05 21:57:12

Mashed avocado and cream cheese

mashed banana

cream cheese & a bit of strawberry jam

cheam cheese & marmite

Dairy lee cream cheese slices and a bit of ham or cucumber

cheddar cheese and grapes all chopped up or grated apple

egg mayo and cress

something, like tuna or cream cheese again with grated carrot or grated apple

egg mayo and tomato all chopped up

tuna no mayo but tomato all chopped up

chicken breast all chopped up with grated apple

chopped up chicken breast with a bit of mayo or cream cheese

a bit of ham

kikidee Mon 14-Mar-05 22:28:54

Thanks everyone, lots of great suggestions! He loves cheese and we have Babybels or Lil Moos ar least once a day plus rice cakes or bread sticks as snacks so I'm trying not to overdo those things. Anyone know how much cheese is too much? How much do you let your 11mth have Hunkermunker? He also really likes Nairns mini-oatcakes as an alternative to rice cakes and quite often has them after dinner with cheese - he eats better than us btw!

I love the houmous suggestion and might really push the boat out and get some mini pittas from M&S and do it with them. Also like the sound of the Sunwheel spread. He would happily eat jam sandwiches but I tie myself in knots a bit over the sugar. Don't know why as I regularly spoon Petit Filous into him! I have some tuna in the cupboard so we will try that tomorrow with some mayo and see how we get on. Thanks again.

Surfermum Mon 14-Mar-05 22:36:51

I get St Dalfour jam. It's sugar free so just fruit and fruit juice in it, and it's scrummy!

HUNKERMUNKER Mon 14-Mar-05 22:44:36

DS usually has one lil moo stick a day, plus sometimes a cheese sandwich. He'd eat cheese till it came out of his ears (eww!), so I try not to let him have too much. He still has three or four breastfeeds a day - he's a complete gannet!

When's your DS's birthday? I've decided that being sad my baby's going to be one is silly - I'm going to be proud of myself for being a mummy for a whole year instead!

kikidee Tue 15-Mar-05 09:19:09

Hi Hunkermunker. His birthday is on 6 April and I'm really looking forward to it. I don't feel sad about him being one, although I have felt sad at various other points when he started to sit and move independently and I realised he wsn't a little baby any more. I love every new little stage. I've never been happier in my life and I can't believe how far we've come.

HUNKERMUNKER Tue 15-Mar-05 11:45:34

KD, my DS is one on 3rd April and I feel just the same! He's getting to be a very feisty little chap and I'm sure the next year will be interesting...but I love it!

TracyK Wed 16-Mar-05 09:09:34

I sometimes add chopped up spring onion to my cheese and mayo or chicken and mayo.
Also philidelphia and chopped pear is a favourite.

According to the Baby organix web site - cheese shouldn't be given too often although my ds would eat it all day if he could!

skerriesmum Wed 16-Mar-05 09:48:26

I will shock everyone and recommend peanut butter provided there are no allergies in your family...! My ds had it from about this age.

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