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quick ideas for tea for 6 month old

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KathH Mon 14-Mar-05 17:33:34

ds2 will be just over 6 mths when i go back to work in a couple of weeks and i am trying to be really organised and make up some meals i can freeze and take to childminder. Have more or less got dinners sorted but am struggling for teas. At 6 months can he have things like macaroni cheese or cauliflower cheese or does anyone have any brilliant ideas for other things? (no tomatoes tho please)

Abwab Sun 20-Mar-05 19:12:00

hi, my DS is also 6mths and I go back to work in 2 weeks too - auuuggghhhh!!

Yes at 6mths they can have cauli cheese etc. Anything aport from nuts and honey i think. Tried cauli cheese with my ds the other day and he hated it, i think the cheese was a bit strong so would suggest something really mild.

good luck

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