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Any suggestions for a delicious and easy lamb shanks recipe?

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Aero Mon 14-Mar-05 16:45:29

They lookd gorgeous and I couldn't resist buying them, but now I haven't a clue what to do with them. Think I'd like to braise them so they're really tender, but have no recipes in the house. Anyone got any ideas?

beachyhead Mon 14-Mar-05 16:46:40

Delia does a nice one, braised in wine.

We tend to marinate ours, then barbie them in the summer, so no help here

Aero Mon 14-Mar-05 16:49:33

Couldn't find one in my delia, but I might try googling it and see if one comes up. Typically I have no wine in the house at the moment, but that's easily remedied!

CountessDracula Mon 14-Mar-05 16:50:02

I cooked this for dinner yesterday, it was absolutely delicious. Would work equally well with lamb shanks, just don't cook for so long.

CountessDracula Mon 14-Mar-05 16:50:24

(took about 10 mins to prepare)

mrsflowerpot Mon 14-Mar-05 16:51:12

Sorry no quantities or exact timings, but tin of tomatoes, chopped up onion, glass of red wine, garlic, bay leaves, salt, pepper, bung in oven on low-medium heat for min 2 hours depending on size etc. Add a bit of water if it looks like it needs liquid. If you can muster up an aubergine, chop that into it too.

beachyhead Mon 14-Mar-05 16:51:48

delia does it with a lamb leg - in winter recipes, but I've done it with shanks (which bit are shanks) aren't they just bits of leg????? Or lambs with short legs dwarf lambs

mrsflowerpot Mon 14-Mar-05 16:51:49

oh yes, cannellini or similar beans go in too

Aero Mon 14-Mar-05 17:01:48

pmsl beachy! Forgot I have the Winter recipe book too so will have a look.
That looks yummy CD - but dont have all ingredients in house, so marking the page for again.
Might try yours Mrsfp - have all that in my cupboard today.

Sponge Mon 14-Mar-05 17:22:08

Roll your shanks in seasoned flour and fry off in a casserole. Remove from casserole and put in onions, garlic, shopped carrots and cook for a bit to soften. Put shanks back and pour over loads of red wine and some stock. Season and put in a couple of sprigs of rosemary and a spoonful of tomato puree. Cover with foil then lid and put in oven. Cook for as long as you can be bothered but a couple of hours is good. Add beans - haricot of you can get them or cannellini - for the last half hour. Gorgeous.

milge Mon 14-Mar-05 17:44:10

Aero, in the Delia winter book is a lamb stew with flageolet beans - use shanks instead of diced lamb, but marinade the shanks first in garlic, and the best part of a bottle of red wine. hth

Aero Mon 14-Mar-05 21:54:33

Thanks everyone - you lot are fab. Ended up doing it the 'sponge' way, though had to use stock instead of wine on this occasion. Anyway, it was gorgeous and dh was well impressed! So thanks very much to all - now I'll never be stuck for what to do with lamb shanks again.

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