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Who's cooking a roast today?

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SPARKLER1 Sun 13-Mar-05 10:01:04

I am. Roast pork with lots of scrummy crackling and crunchy roast potatoes. Delicious.

happymerryberries Sun 13-Mar-05 10:02:29

Me, chicken, with roast potatoes for the kids and roast sweet potatoes for dh and me (GI diet). Masses of veg for all of us.

SueW Sun 13-Mar-05 10:02:57

Iam. Roast Lamb, roast and mashed pots. Veggies (asparagus, carrots, peas, baby corn, beans maybe). Mint sauce. Yummmm.....

SPARKLER1 Sun 13-Mar-05 10:03:27

Ooooh I lurrve lamb.

SueW Sun 13-Mar-05 10:05:16

And I love pork. But DD doesn't so pork's saved for when DD's not around.

Maybe you and I should plate each other a dinner for tomorrow

SPARKLER1 Sun 13-Mar-05 10:06:32

I love the crackling on the pork but so does dd. Usually have to try and nibble it while I'm hiding in the kitchen and dishing up the dinner otherwise I wouldn't get a look in.

Blossomhill Sun 13-Mar-05 10:30:48

Me. I am cooking roast chicken and then having profiterols for afters. Yum!

RudyDudy Sun 13-Mar-05 10:39:35

You're all making me hungry! Your dinner's sound lovely.

We rarely cook roast as it always seems to much work for 2 but once DS is old enough to join in I've said I'll do it once a month so he knows what one is.

In the meantime, anyone got a spare place...?

iota Sun 13-Mar-05 10:41:24

roast lamb here - and we had roast chicken yesterday (visitors)

MunchedTooManyMarsLady Sun 13-Mar-05 10:49:52

No roast today for us (for a change), I made masses of jerk chicken for a supper party on Friday so we are having jerk chicken, rice and peas, broccoli and sweetcorn here, with jerk tofu for my veggie DD2. Dessert will be strawberries dipped in chocolate with meringues.

Potty1 Sun 13-Mar-05 10:50:33

I am ! - Roast beef & Yorkshire pud......mind you we have yorkshire pud every week whatever meat we have. Love it

pixiefish Sun 13-Mar-05 11:08:49

Roast chicken and veg.

Mars Lady- your jerk chicken sounds lovely- how do you make it?

MunchedTooManyMarsLady Sun 13-Mar-05 11:15:34

The easy way.

Jar of Walkerswood Jerk Seasoning (check jar as it comes in mild and spicy - mild will be fine). You can buy this in the supermarket. Sainsburys sell it with their world foods. Sainsburys also do a dry Jerk Seasoning by Dunns River, equally as good, but I prefer and tend to use the wet seasoning.

Put chicken drumsticks/thighs/breast pieces in an ovenproof dish. Chop an onion and put over chicken. Add 2 tblsp Jerk Seasoning and a tin of chopped tomatoes. Stir through. Put in oven, cook about 45 mins or til chicken cooked.

You can add mushrooms and whatever other veg you want to the chicken before placing in oven.


CountessDracula Sun 13-Mar-05 11:41:53

I am making this

And duck ragu for freezer

serenity Sun 13-Mar-05 11:45:07

I'm thinking about walking up to the shops and getting a chicken to roast, and a birthday cake for DH (36 yesterday) I have to say the idea of chocolate cake is more of an incentive atm. Feeling very lazy today.

SueW Sun 13-Mar-05 12:56:22

OOoh CD - it has Waitrose Good Ordinary Claret in it. I really miss that. Used to pick up bottles regularly when we lived near Kings Rd but nearest Waitrose is 45-60 mins drive away I wonder if the wine delivery service does it.

SPARKLER1 Sun 13-Mar-05 21:44:05

Hope you all enjoyed your meals. We didn't make one in the end. Dh took dds out to give me a rest. Have decided we will have it tomorrow instead.

LGJ Sun 13-Mar-05 21:55:25


Good day to start a what did you have for tea thread then

SPARKLER1 Sun 13-Mar-05 22:14:22

. I've been laughing here. I started this thread this morning and then I didn't even cook it!!!

SPARKLER1 Mon 14-Mar-05 17:29:32

mines in the oven now - smells delicious

Peckarollover Mon 14-Mar-05 17:30:49

I made a roast yesterday and today - do i get double points?

SPARKLER1 Mon 14-Mar-05 21:30:18


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