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eggs: when can they start, and how cooked?

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morethanithot Sat 12-Mar-05 21:19:12

ds is 6 months old.
when can i start him on eggs? and how should they be cooked?

mmmmchocolate Sat 12-Mar-05 21:21:52

good thread. I would like to know to. My mum says boiled egg with butter was our favorites (called choppy egg) but i haven't braved it yet with dd (6 months)

skerriesmum Sat 12-Mar-05 21:23:04

If memory serves me right I think you can start with egg yolk about now (or maybe it's 8 months?) Should be well cooked, not runny. Egg white is considered highly allergenic, you should hold off until 1 year.

Newyearmum Sat 12-Mar-05 21:33:47

Skerriesmum - that's what I've been advised too - well cooked/hard yolk from six months then white from a year.

It's no yolk you know

mmmmchocolate Sat 12-Mar-05 21:35:47


morethanithot Sat 12-Mar-05 22:01:01

fantastic thanks all!!!
m - in law has been asking me, as she has ds most of the week, when i'm in work. will be able to give an informed opinion now.

kikidee Sat 12-Mar-05 22:03:32

I thought you could give well cooked eggs from 6 months (yolk and white) and soft/runny from one year. I've been giving ds well cooked scrambled eggs since he was 8.5 months old and was planning to give hard boiled egg tomorrow for the first time - he's now 11 months.

flashingnose Sat 12-Mar-05 22:07:37

Don't go breaking my heart

I couldn't if I tried...

Just saw your name on active convs and couldn't resist

kikidee Sat 12-Mar-05 22:14:41

Nice to be noticed flashingnose!

HUNKERMUNKER Sat 12-Mar-05 22:16:59

DS has had egg cooked into things for a cuple of months now - he's 11 months. But I made him an egg yolk sandwich the other day - partly because using the white too would've made it too chunky for him! He LOVED it

HUNKERMUNKER Sat 12-Mar-05 22:20:35

My grandmother said not to give DS eggs till he was a year, thereby disproving the 'in years gone by they just gave us everything' theory (and my great aunt was surprised DS was having any food at all before he was one!)

Gwenick Sat 12-Mar-05 22:21:53

(don't tell my HV) but I was blending EVERYTHING we were eating at 6 months for DS2 (now 15 months) and I weaned him at 4 months too

Newyearmum Sat 12-Mar-05 22:22:26

oh honey if I get restless

mmmmchocolate Sat 12-Mar-05 22:27:12

but baby i'm not that kind.

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