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How can my third child be such a fussy eater??

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flashingnose Sat 12-Mar-05 17:45:11

DS (aged 6) and dd1 (aged 4) are really good eaters - a few dislikes but will generally eat what is put in front of them. DD2 is terrible - I've just put a plate of roast lamb, new potatoes, carrots, cabbage and parsnips in front of her and she's refused everything. This happens regularly. She will eat Spag Bol and pasta of any sort, some fruit, bread, chips (surprise) etc.

I try not to make a song and dance about it but it's really starting to affect our family mealtimes. Plus how can you turn your nose up at a roast dinner ffs?

Any suggestions? Where have I gone so wrong with no. 3??

littlemissbossy Sat 12-Mar-05 17:46:32

Mine too!!! well until he started school anyway, now he's really improving. My other two will eat anything!

flashingnose Sat 12-Mar-05 17:51:04

It's a nightmare isn't it?? Just goes to show it can't all be the parents' fault!

flashingnose Sat 12-Mar-05 17:51:44

So I've only got 3 years to go then LMB?

littlemissbossy Sat 12-Mar-05 17:53:31

yep, afraid so - my ds lived on cheese for 4 years before he started school

flashingnose Sat 12-Mar-05 17:57:32

What did you used to do at mealtimes? Serve him up with the same as everyone else or give him something different? That's my dilemma really.

katierocket Sat 12-Mar-05 18:09:32

you haven't gone wrong.
IMO eating habits in children are like sleeping habits - there is a fair bit you can do to influence them and to improve them but fundementally they all have their own ways. That's why it makes me laugh when you get the smug - "oh my children are such good sleepers" (with inferred "all down to my superior parenting skills") - and then they get landed with a 'bad' sleeper.Would just carry on offering her things flashing nose but try not to worry to much.

katierocket Sat 12-Mar-05 18:11:14


happymerryberries Sat 12-Mar-05 18:17:02

My dd eats anything, literaly any food you put in front of her. Stinky cheese, muscles, prawns with the heads and shells on, sprouts, you name it. I was as smug as hell at having weaned her so well and then got ds, the chicken nugget king!

At almost 5 and in school he is improving. He was always good at veg but now eats bananas as well as apples! He will now also eat some types of cheese. Just keep it calm and wait them out.

katierocket Sat 12-Mar-05 18:18:23

see! so much of it is the child not what the parent does - you can help but not 'make' them good eaters (or sleepers)

flashingnose Sat 12-Mar-05 18:18:50

What did you do at mealtimes? Make sure there was something on their plate that they liked? Or did they have to lump it? She doesn't eat any veg and only eats potatoes if they're in chip form . Not even roasties .

katierocket Sat 12-Mar-05 18:22:03

I think you still put it on the plate without a fuss - even if she won't eat it.

flashingnose Sat 12-Mar-05 18:23:39

Thanks for all the help. But big at another 3 years of chucking good food in the bin.

happymerryberries Sat 12-Mar-05 18:27:53

With ds he will eat a sunday dinner but not if there is gravy on it. Could this be the same with your dd? I can't imagine a sunday roast without gravy, but if he will eat it 'dry' then that is fine by me.

flashingnose Sat 12-Mar-05 18:29:59

Tried that ! But thank you.

happymerryberries Sat 12-Mar-05 18:31:23

Will she eat raw veg? Ds would eat raw carrots before he would eat them cooked. raw fresh peas/ sugar snap peas also went down well

flashingnose Sat 12-Mar-05 20:39:05

Raw carrots have occasionally passed her lips...will give that a go (roast dinner with raw carrots - mmm).

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