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Help me rebrand the parkin I forgot to put eggs in...

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Scootergrrrl Tue 04-Nov-08 15:09:33

I made a huge batch of parkin for a fundraising coffee morning on Friday but got distracted at the end and forgot to put the eggs in blush
Now it's kind of a cross between parkin and flapjack - tastes nice but definitely NOT parkin.
What can I call it in order to still sell it? I thought if I came up with a convincing name people would buy it anyway and it does taste delicious (that'll eb all the treacle and sugar...)
Spicy flapjack? Autumn cake? Please help - my brain is jelly (as evidenced by the forgetting of eggs!)

pigleto Tue 04-Nov-08 15:10:37

ginger brack?

Tortington Tue 04-Nov-08 15:13:02

dairy free parkin.


bonny bonty bonfire cake

Tortington Tue 04-Nov-08 15:14:13

oooh oooh i got it

bonty wish cake

eat the cake and make a wish

Saturn74 Tue 04-Nov-08 15:16:23


Saturn74 Tue 04-Nov-08 15:16:38


fillybuster Tue 04-Nov-08 15:17:00

Bonfire-jack :-)

jumpingbeans Tue 04-Nov-08 15:18:18

"spicy egg surprise" - surprise is,,, it has no eggs

notamumyetbutoneday Tue 04-Nov-08 15:18:57

treacle bread? treacle cake?

notamumyetbutoneday Tue 04-Nov-08 15:19:45

grin at jumping beans

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