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water/drinks bottles

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loobs2 Mon 03-Nov-08 17:49:56

After being handed yet another soggy school-bag today from both DD and DS, with the **** water bottles having leaked yet again, please can anyone tell me if there is a kid's bottle I can buy that is 100% leak-proof? I must have bought each of them at least 3 bottles so far this year - they look great, with kid-friendly designs etc., but I feel like I'm throwing my money away they're so useless! hmm

nannyL Mon 03-Nov-08 18:05:58

i fond the best ones are the actual mineral water bottle, ie evian / volvic / tesco own r whateve... so long as they can cope with unscrewing and screwing back up the lids then these seem to be the only ones that dont ever leak...

saying that i DID have a bottle the didnt leak... it was a plastic asda smartprice, and was my favourite until i dropped it (inside) and it smashed like a glass, despite being plastic

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