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Help with Non-eating 3 ear old - are there vitamin drops out there?

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Luxmum Thu 30-Oct-08 10:42:17

Hi, My fussy, underweight DS1 usually eats very little, but what he ate was (I felt) good - ie he ate salmon filets alot, pasta, fish fingers, rice etc, just tiny portions and of course no veg at all, and only berries as fruit. Now he isnt even eating sausages or the salmon, he takes his weetabix without milk now, and is of course complaining that his tummy hurts. (I am assuming is hurts because he is hungry?). Are there vitamin drops or things out there to tide us over this new annoying phase of his? Or any good ideas out there for things I have forgotten to feed him?

misi Thu 30-Oct-08 13:33:00

I usually do not like giving vits to kids under 5 but when I need to I do like these;
and these

solgar do a very good range in the kangavits range too.

I would also suggest you think about his tummy. when it hurts, what he has eaten before it hurts etc? tummy pains can be a sign of an intolerance to certain foods, like milk, gluten etc, but it could also be a sign of constipation. some constipations in kids doesn't mean thye don't poo, it can mean that the digestive system is slow or does not have enough fibre and so the chyme/poo is slow and dry and so the poo backs up a bit and causes pain and sends signals to the brain not to eat.

is there any bloating, wind, redness around the anus, blood in the stool either bright red fresh or darker red dried?

does he drink much fluids? this can cause similar probs too as not enough fluid makes the poo very dry too.

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