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Does anyone know about this website for recipes?

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cantpickyourfamily Thu 30-Oct-08 08:58:01

I think I once heard about a website where you can go and put in all the ingredidents that you have available and they will come up with a recipe for you to make.

Does anyone know about this website? It would be really usefull for any leftover that I do not know what to do with them.

I'm pretty sure I have heard of it and not made it up wink

NorksDrift Thu 30-Oct-08 09:42:19

The BBC Food website allows you to type in three ingredients and it comes up with recipes. Here.

notamumyetbutoneday Thu 30-Oct-08 09:45:13

Yep the bbc Food website is really good- sometimes too muh choice! also

slim22 Thu 30-Oct-08 10:10:10


cantpickyourfamily Thu 30-Oct-08 10:50:06

thanks I was pretty sure I didn't make it up. grin

notamumyetbutoneday Thu 30-Oct-08 15:06:28

Ive seen this website before but it kept giving me really bizarre suggestions... pork with pineapple and cheese, anyone? apricot stuffed bacon rolls? It just seemed to be an amalgamation of the ingredients you said you had, whehter or not they actually fitted together!

cantpickyourfamily Sat 01-Nov-08 23:26:44

does not sundlike something I would like to eat, but very creative. lol

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