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Can I reheat mash and if so how?

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Holymoly321 Thu 30-Oct-08 08:39:11

Am doing bangers and mash tonight for the DC's and also for me and DH when he gets home. don't want to do two diff sets of mash - can I make one and then reheat for me and DH later? If so do I leave it all in the saucpan and reheat as normal or do I have to add something to stop it all drying out or what?

sleepycatonabroomstick Thu 30-Oct-08 08:43:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bellavita Thu 30-Oct-08 08:44:40

I would just put it into a dish with a lid or put clingfilm over. I would dob some butter on it before reheating it and bung in the microwaver, obviously it depends on how much you are reheating to how long it takes, but I reheat on 70% rather than 100%

ChipButty Thu 30-Oct-08 08:45:45

Reheat in microwave. You can also freeze mash - I always do extra then it comes in handy for quick meals after work.

TheGashlycrumbTinies Thu 30-Oct-08 08:47:57

I reheat mash in the microwave, it can be done on full power, just make sue it is covered, and add some butter on the top. Give it a good stir part way through. Always do this with no probs.

Holymoly321 Thu 30-Oct-08 09:07:23

THanks guys. Do you reheat it from frozen or would I have to defrost it first?

TheGashlycrumbTinies Thu 30-Oct-08 09:24:48

Defrost it first, I always batch make and freeze it.

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