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Chocolate sauce- do I need to add cream?

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notamumyetbutoneday Wed 29-Oct-08 10:15:04


Im making a spiders web cheesecake for halloween. The spiders web, in the recipe I have, is made out of 'Treat' ice cream choc sauce (bleurgh) which i really dont want to use.

Would melted chocolate work? All the recipes Ive seen for chocolate sauce seem to add cream or even butter! Im trying to cut fat and calories as it is a low fat cheesecake (ish!)

Dont want the consistency to be too thick nor too thin as somewhow need to make the spiders web pattern.


Othersideofthechannel Wed 29-Oct-08 10:23:49

I melt chocolate with a little bit of milk to make a topping for pancakes or cakes.

snowleopard Wed 29-Oct-08 10:27:57

I usually do things like this by mixing icing sugar with equal amount of cocoa powder, then stir in water (tiny amounts) until it's just gloopy enough to work with. It will set hard, taste chocolatey and although it's sugary, it's only a small amount in total and there's no fat.

You can pipe it out of a plastic food bag with tiny corner snipped off, or make a greaseproof paper cone and snip the tip off. Practise on a plate first.

notamumyetbutoneday Wed 29-Oct-08 10:29:51

thank you, would you melt the chocolate in a pan, and add the milk to it? Ive heard that chocolate shouldnt be melted directly, it should be done over a pan of boiling water? if so when would you add milk?

As a chocoholic, chocolate rarely lasts long enough to be melted...

notamumyetbutoneday Wed 29-Oct-08 10:32:02

Snowleapord that is a great idea about practising on a plate, think i will try both the food bag and the paper cone and see which works best!

Othersideofthechannel Wed 29-Oct-08 10:37:08

In a bowl over a pan of water would work.

I do mine directly in the microwave and add the milk at the beginning. Less washing up. Just be careful not to burn the chocolate.

notamumyetbutoneday Wed 29-Oct-08 12:12:41

Thanks both Ill be doing it tomorrow so wish me luck!

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