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This may be the stupidest question in the world, but go easy with me, I've not been well and I want to know

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TrinityRhino Mon 27-Oct-08 17:54:31

Where do peppercorns come from?

spookycharlotte121 Mon 27-Oct-08 17:55:20

i dnt know either if its any concellation grin

HeadFairy Mon 27-Oct-08 17:55:32

A peppercorn shrub... I've seen them in morroco. Peppercorns are red when they're fresh... hang on will hunt for a picture.

NormaBatesFelcher Mon 27-Oct-08 17:55:42

pepper trees wink

MatNanPlus Mon 27-Oct-08 17:56:05

fruit of a flowering vine

RedOnHerBeheadedHead Mon 27-Oct-08 17:56:38

here i had to look too
blush, but like you have been ill recently!

NormaBatesFelcher Mon 27-Oct-08 17:56:53

ok pepper vines - I was being silly

HeadFairy Mon 27-Oct-08 17:57:12

these are the peppercorns growing....

TheMoistWorldOfSquelchedBrains Mon 27-Oct-08 17:57:26



NormaBatesFelcher Mon 27-Oct-08 17:57:31

what has been wrong with you TR?

I have bronchitis atm sad

Tigerschick Mon 27-Oct-08 17:57:43

These look amazing!!
Never really thought about where they come from before ...

TrinityRhino Mon 27-Oct-08 20:23:35

oh sorry everyone
I posted this and then completely forgot

oh norma you poor thing

I have had a nasty bout of Mastitis
Dont think I have ever felt so awful
Started on Saturday
have had anti biotics since sunday lunchtime, just starting to feel slightly alive now

TrinityRhino Mon 27-Oct-08 20:24:41

wow tigers thats amazing

so I'm not the only one not to have ever thought about where they come from
I use black pepper ALLLLL the time

PsychoAxeMurdererMum Mon 27-Oct-08 20:28:21

wow......I can now add this to my growing list of things I have learnt from mumsnetgrin

I just told DH tho, and he reckoned he knew alreadyhmm.

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