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How do you eat a Mango?

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DippyDora Mon 27-Oct-08 09:48:45

I can never eat one without creating a big mess.

Do you peel it and then slice it?

DecayingDisaster Mon 27-Oct-08 09:49:24

in the bath

mishymoo Mon 27-Oct-08 09:49:30

Yip - peel it then slice round the pip thingy!

DippyDora Mon 27-Oct-08 09:53:26

How do you get Mango cubes?

boogeek Mon 27-Oct-08 09:55:58

I'm not very good at doing them neatly (and tend to just peel and slice) but if you need cubes you slice through the mango as close to the pip as you can: cut criss-crosses in that half then pop it inside out (you have left the skin on) and remove them from the inside of the skin iyswim.

MrsJamin Mon 27-Oct-08 09:56:56

I saw this a few days ago and it helped me work it out!

Nolda Mon 27-Oct-08 09:57:01

I cut either side of the stone then cut grid pattern into the two halves without cutting through the skin, then push the skin upwards and cut the cubes carefully off the skin. Really need a diagram for this. I apologise for being about as clear as mud!!

DippyDora Mon 27-Oct-08 09:57:14

Thats great thanks smile

kingprawntikka Mon 27-Oct-08 09:57:21

I leave the peel on . Slice with a big knife down each side close to the stone. Then with each side piece you have cut off make three cuts one way and four the other, Not qite thro' just down to the skin like with a melon. Then kind of turn it inside out like a hedgehog . You can then cut the pieces off. Do the same with the other sides.

NotQuiteCockney Mon 27-Oct-08 09:58:10

It's all hedgehog around here, too.

witchandchips Mon 27-Oct-08 09:59:28

if you can peel and eat it without getting into a mess, then it is not ripe enough.
you can do the criss cross thing, and then scoop it out with a spoon (straight into your mouth), or cut segments round the stone (not a pip!) and eat it like footballers eat orange quarters.

DippyDora Mon 27-Oct-08 10:01:37

Great link MrsJamin. It showed what everyone was explaining.

Witchandchips - at least when I'm making a mess next time I'll know its ripe!

Thanks everyone smile

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