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CARMENERE - you know you were looking for ways to make folk use the recipe section more? Ihave an idea.

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MamaG Sat 25-Oct-08 17:12:43

How about a sticky each day /couple of days with recipes. Could have

"Bake it today"
"Storecupboard dinner"
"Something a bit different"

(may need to modify those titles grin)

I have just added Ginger and mixed fruit Scones ot the recipes which are delicious and could be the first recipe in teh "bake it today" section grin

Then, when people are pondering what to make, they could click on the sticky and see if they fancy the suggested recipes - might make people more inclined to search for more if they like them?

Just a thought.

Twinklemegan Sat 25-Oct-08 22:21:29

I think that's a good idea. I keep meaning to browse the recipes section, then I just forget.

MamaG Sat 25-Oct-08 22:23:04


janeite Sat 25-Oct-08 22:34:39

Good idea.

Can the first one be:

Recipes for fussy vegetarians who are bored of just about every meal they currently cook?

Twinklemegan Sat 25-Oct-08 22:42:38

Maybe post it in site stuff? I reckon the MN crew only read that topic.

MamaG Sun 26-Oct-08 10:17:46

Good idea twinklemegan

ledodgy Sun 26-Oct-08 10:18:48

I have a better idea just write Bumsex in every title. grin

MamaG Sun 26-Oct-08 10:22:13

Hmm I can see that working, yes

"Bumsex ginger and fruit scones"

Carmenere Sun 26-Oct-08 10:27:17

I think it might be a good idea. I think they are working on a bigger brighter food section anyhow so that could be a way of drawing more people towards it. I do think that lots of people just forget it is there.

Buda Sun 26-Oct-08 10:28:47

I use the recipe section a lot but it would be easier to find stuff if it was divided up more. (More work I know!)

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