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Easy recipes for making sweets with 10 to 12 year olds

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LittleFairySmile Sat 25-Oct-08 16:17:34

I can do these no cook sweets (below) no prob but are there any cooked sweets (that need hob or oven) I can do with children? No boiling sugar etc as that is too difficult even for me!

Coconut ice condensed milk, icing sugar, dessicated coconut, red food colouring
No-cook fudge condensed milk, icing sugar, butter
Peppermint creams condensed milk, icing sugar, peppermint extract, green food colouring
Caramel crisp marshmallows marshmallows, caramel ice cream topping, rice krispies
Truffles butter, icing sugar, chocolate, chocolate sprinkles

SqueakyPop Sat 25-Oct-08 17:03:40

10-12 year olds should be able to cope with boiling sugar.

Your list is about as much as I could think of without taking risks.

You could cook condensed milk in the can to make things like Millionaires' Shortbread. Tiffin bar is something that also springs to mind.

Sagtitoldwitch Sat 25-Oct-08 17:20:46

Nigella's rocky road crunch

I find the exact recipe too rich but I

Use 1/2 milk and plain chocolate
Replace the marshmallow with dried fruits (sultanas, chopped dates etc)
Use a mix of biscuits (digestives, malted milk whatever broken bits are in the bottom of the barrel blush
Use rice crispies

My batch this time has bashed up trifle sponges in it

LittleFairySmile Sun 26-Oct-08 00:08:25

Looks good guys, thanks.

I would boil sugar if I was just with one or two children, but I need something for my Guide unit where I and the other adults can't keep an eye on all of them all at once, so I have to be able to give instructions and trust them at least a little. Plus they all have very varied experiences in the kitchen - one has never even made a sandwich would you believe?

LittleFairySmile Sun 26-Oct-08 00:23:01

Have now googled and found
Millionaires Shortbread

Really good ideas for me! Thanks.

cacklewitch Sun 26-Oct-08 00:24:18

hey look here
wink i'm googlewitch tonight...

twinsetofcocks Sun 26-Oct-08 00:32:05

I made Nigellas rocky road for my sixth formers the other week and they loved it.

cacklewitch Sun 26-Oct-08 01:05:40

i remember doing some mad things with glace cherries and marzipan - anyone got a clue what i'm on about hmm

cacklewitch Sun 26-Oct-08 01:07:42

yay found it

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