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Bircher muesli needed...

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OzJo Sat 25-Oct-08 06:29:08

Having a go at making it myself for the first you soak the oats in apple juice overnight..or yogurt as well? Also, when do you add the seeds & sultanas? I suppose it's hit and miss til you work out what you like yourself......

lovelymama Sat 25-Oct-08 12:26:17

Mmmmmmm bircher museli rocks! I've found that soaking in apple juice the night before is best as if you use yogurt (v expensive) the oats soak up so much of it, you have to use a whole pot or even more. So soak the basic museli mix (better than oats as has more variety of staple ingredients - can get it in the healthy section of Tesco) in apple juice the night before and stir in the yogurt and seeds just before you want to eat it. Adding fresh fruit is also yummy.


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