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Tesco Value Chocolate

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SPARKLER1 Tue 08-Mar-05 22:00:45

Have been trying this recently. Have a white chocolate bar open at the moment and have to say I'm well impressed. Most yummy. Can't remember exact price I paid. Very cheap though.

sallystrawberry Tue 08-Mar-05 22:07:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SPARKLER1 Tue 08-Mar-05 22:41:38

just offered some to dh and he said he wasn't too keen. What a shame I shall just have to eat it all by myself!

Surfermum Tue 08-Mar-05 22:46:02

I'm just munching some Cadbury's! Lidl does some good, cheap chocolate.

SPARKLER1 Tue 08-Mar-05 23:14:08

Ooooh Cadbury's. I like the dairy milk with biscuit. Yum.

milge Tue 08-Mar-05 23:20:22

Co-op own brand chocolate is yummy( and fairtrade, and 20% off this week)

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