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Anyone know anything about Parkin?

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Hathor Thu 23-Oct-08 22:12:52

Recipe looks like oaty, treacly gingerbread. Is it nice? Is it easy to make?

thisisyesterday Thu 23-Oct-08 22:16:07

i['ve made it really shit once. it should be nice though1 lol

Hathor Thu 23-Oct-08 22:22:10

That doesn't sound too encouraging. Anyone else tried it. Am about to commit to making something for halloween party. Parkin supposed to be traditional. Perhaps it has died out?

thisisyesterday Thu 23-Oct-08 22:23:43

no no, it is lovely if you make it properly. mine was a "low fat" version or something.

go for it!

Cauldronfrau Thu 23-Oct-08 22:24:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

GrimmaTheNome Thu 23-Oct-08 22:25:18

I seem to remember my mum making it and it was nice... which therefore means it can't have been too hard to do(sorry mum)

Hathor Thu 23-Oct-08 22:26:27

REcipe looks easy - like flapjack you just melt the melty things and stir in the dry things then bake.
Can't go wrong can I?

hester Thu 23-Oct-08 22:26:55

My mum used to make it and it wasn't so nice - but then, that was true of most of my mum's cooking.

It's like flapjacks made with black treacle, isn't it? I'm sure it's very nice if you do it right.

vworried Thu 23-Oct-08 22:29:19

It is traditional in the midlands. I have very fond memories of it at my Grandma's house in Nottinghamshire, but she was from Derbyshire orig.

Mum makes it occasionally, but you do need to make it at least a week in advance and keep it wrapped in foil. Freshly baked it can be a bit hard, but will soften with keeping.

Hathor Thu 23-Oct-08 22:31:47

Thanks for tip vw.

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