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moom Tue 08-Mar-05 14:54:53

help, i have two children, a boy 10 and a girl 7, neither of them will eat anything but nuggets and chips for dinner. a cheese sandwich for lunch. i have tried absolutely everything to get them to eat vegetables and real meat but they just wont eat it.
i have been given loads of advice but nothing works, they would rather go to be hungry than eat anything but their usual. ive told them its whatever we are having or nothing but they say ok nothing. ive tried hiding stuff amongst their food they pick it out and leave it.
ive had other kids round to let them see that other kids eat normally that didnt work, ditto the school dinners, in fact we were eventally told after three weeks that we were wasting our money, by the dinner lady !!
the situation is becoming unbearable and when we visit my inlaws the air is frosty as she beleives that if they wont eat whats in front of them she gets up and makes them a cheese sandwich. we have some wicked rows because she keeps undermining us.
i would love them top try food but they only seem interested in trying new cakes of yogurts in fact anything sweet in general.
i would really appreciate some advice im at my wits end.

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