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anyone with a 3 year old what do they eat in a normal day

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tinkisgoingtohaveapumpkin Thu 23-Oct-08 08:39:16

hi my dd is very fussy wondered what other people kids ate

nic06 Thu 23-Oct-08 08:43:51

Mine doesn't seem to stop eating!! She will have a bowl of cereal, cup of milk and maybe a slice of toast as well for breakfast. Then in the week she goes to nursery so has fruit snack mid morning and a hot meal and pudding there. Hme by half three where she walks straight through the door asing for food - has maybe an ice lolly (i know?!) or two biscuits. Tea is either a small portion of what we are having for dinner or if we are eating later she will have a sandwich/something on toast, some fruit, a yogurt, anything else she can lay her hands on!!
What do you mean by fussy? Is she at nursery or anything? I have found with both of mine that eating with others - even if just us as a family - really helps with the fussiness...

tinkisgoingtohaveapumpkin Thu 23-Oct-08 08:48:09

sounds the same as what my dd eats

for breakfast

small bit of cereal
cup of milk
2 yoghurts
fruit pouch


1 piece of toast with marmite
fruit pouch
heinz biscuits


either pasta with a 3 small bits of birdseye chicken shape with veg in
mash with shape

cup of milk

then yog

she has been @ nursery for just over a month just does 3 mornings a wk so ha a drink and fruit mid morning

ChopsTheDuck Thu 23-Oct-08 09:08:49

They eat almost everything they can get their hands on.

dt2 is a bit fussy. He doesnt like prawns, or more exotic varieties of mushrooms, plus a few other things I can't think of right now.

I find the things that help are to get them involved in the cooking, give them choices when I can, and eating together.

In a typical day they will eat as much as I do. It is amazing how much they can get through. They can easily manage 2/3 slices of pizza, or an adult portion of rice. They eat a proper sized sandwich, crisps, fruit and bar for lunch. For breakfast they have a bowl of cereal. Snacks are fruit, dry cereals, pretzels, treats, cheese, popcorn, etc. They always snack in the mornings, and sometimes in the afternoon.

They aren't overweight neither.

stroppyknickers Thu 23-Oct-08 09:12:54

People cereal
Toast and chocolate spread/ marmite then
a chocolate chip brioche/ other form of carbohydrate and
a banana/ frube/ biscuit/ piece of cucumber/ carrot/ grapes or strawberries
Lunch is packed lunch - sandwich, yoghurt, treat, baby bel
then another treat like adonut when the dcs are home from school
then about 2 tsps of dinner and nothing except hot water at bedtime (in a bottle blush)
Hates crisps, other fruit, chips, loves sweets and orangina.

snickersnack Thu 23-Oct-08 09:17:56

My 3 year old has a pre-breakfast bread stick and cup of Roiboos tea (if you wake at 6am, you're going to need something before breakfast!). Breakfast is always a bowl of cereal or porridge, sometimes with a slice of bread and jam.

Lunch is usually hot - baked potato and mince, pasta and sauce, that sort of thing. Not huge - she'll probably have about half an adult portion, maybe less. Then a piece of fruit.

Maybe a snack in the afternoon - a biscuit or some popcorn or something, not always.

Then tea - usually soup, or a sandwich or something similar, with some veg. And possibly pudding - fruit puree, rice pudding, a mini milk.

Cup of milk after tea.

She knows what she likes - I wouldn't say she's fussy as she eats quite a wide range of food, especially veg. She's quite limited in her fruit choices, and is a bit suspicious of new things. Takes a while to get her used to things she hasn't had before. (Apparently research shows children need on average to be exposed to a new food 17 times before they like it - most parents I know would have given up well before then!)

Tyme Thu 23-Oct-08 09:19:42

My 3 yr old eats all day long.
Yesterday, he had

toast with marmite, cup of milk, banana
japanese rice crackers

peanut butter sandwich


rice, veg and chicken

mistlethrush Thu 23-Oct-08 09:24:41

A bigger bowl of oats topped with a few cherios than I eat in the morning, with a cup of milk. Fruit snack and milk mid morning at school. Cooked school lunch and pudding (he ate it all). Large apple and mug of milk when we got in from school. Rice noodles and bolognaise (adult sized portion of bolognaise, 1/2 portion of rice noodles) and apple tart for pudding with more milk.

Weekends he can sometimes get through three breakfasts, lunch, snack and supper.

ilovespinach Thu 23-Oct-08 11:37:04

my 2.6 yop is fussy....

yesterday he ate:

3 bananas
white bread

(I cooked a lunch and some tea for him but he chose not to eat them....)

today is looking very much the same...although i have is no 1 fav fish fingers in the oven so hopefully he will eat lunch...

Have tried involving him but nothing seems to wrok...

Taking the non stress approach - he willnot starve...just gotta ride it out....toddler can not live by nannas and white bread alone right?

sunandmoon Thu 23-Oct-08 12:20:23

Breakfast with me:
2 weetabix, and if still hungry a little bowl of chocopops (her treat!)

Fruit for snack

Lunch with me:
Sandwich or left overs from previous dinner!

Fruit and breadsticks for snack

Evening meal about 19h00 with me and DH. I never fill up her plate but put the dishes on the table so we can all choose how much we want to eat. And of course, there is food she loves and others she doesn't like... we encourage her to try everything but never force her to eat things she doesn't like!

MrsMattie Thu 23-Oct-08 12:49:26

Typical day:

Breakfast: Porridge & a banana

Snack: Milk & a piece of fruit at nursery

Lunch: Cheese on toast & beans or a sandwich, bowl of fruit salad or some grapes, juice or water, sometimes a yoghurt

Snacks: crackers & cheese, juice or water, maybe some more fruit or sometimes a treat - biccies, chocolate etc. If he's been very active (swimming, fro example) he will have a sandwich

Dinner: Mostly a hot meal, usually something quick and simple like tuna pasta, macaroni cheese, sausage, mash & veg etc, followed by yoghurt

usually has some milk and /or water before bed

He's fairly fussy, but has a good appetite - I tend to stick to things I know he will eat and introduce new foods now and then.

amanda12 Thu 23-Oct-08 13:52:51

Ds has small bowl of porridge with honey and 1 slice of marmite toast in the morning. He has fruit and breadsticks for mid morning snack at pre-school. For lunch it's either a sandwich, crisps and fruit or pasta and pesto. He then has some homemade cake after the school run and then a hot meal which he usually eats about 4 mouthfuls. He then has a piece of toast before bed.

Holymoly321 Thu 23-Oct-08 14:06:02

Gosh your kids all sound so healthy! DS1 who is 3 will eat the following - every day will be a choice from one of these...
Breakfast - 1-2 bowls of either Special K or Cheerios (sometimes it's a fruit bagel)

Then lunch / dinner will be from these - shepherds pie, spag bol, pesto pasta with ham and peas, homemade pizza, scram egg on toast, hummous and pitta bread, fishfingers and chips, cheese sandwich (loves these for lunch).
Hardly ever eats fruit apart from organic fruit pots and the odd clementine or banana. Hates veg apart from peas (and sometimes will eat raw carrot sticks) Has the odd organic biscuit / rice cake during the day for a snack. I have given up arguing with him over food now - too much stress esp with coping with DS2 who is 11 mths!

catrin Thu 23-Oct-08 14:12:07

Dd will usually eat cereal for breakfast, then a piece of toast. She may not eat again then, depending on her mood. She likes milk and drinks several cups a day. She will usually never eat lunch. She may have fish or chicken for tea, sometimes a bit of pasta. She will always eat a biscuit and can normally be tempted with grapes or strawberries.
She is normal weight for her height though, so am just sitting this phase out.

chocolateshoes Thu 23-Oct-08 14:49:48

I don't know where my 3 yr old puts his food. He eats huge amounts. Favourites are lasagne, salmon,prawns, sheherds pie, fish pie, pasta with ham, peas & cheese. He only has snacks when he goes to school nursery (3 mornings per week).He loves to help with cooking eg mashing the potato for shepherds pie.

Mercy Thu 23-Oct-08 14:58:27

Tinkis, don't worry, your dd is not a particularly fussy eater going by what you've described (I speak from experience!)

Is it amount or variety that concerns you?

mppaw Thu 23-Oct-08 15:16:08

Tinks, Sounds fine.
Am not even going to put down what my DD (2.8) eats...but am taking the stress free approach and hoping she gets better.
Not offering her anything else if she chooses not to eat what I have cooked for her.


ohdearwhatamess Thu 23-Oct-08 15:17:43

Have 2.5 yo (so slightly younger than OP) who is fussy and eats next to nothing. yesterday he ate:

2 weetabix with fruit puree hidden in the milk (the only reliable way I can get him to have fruit)
slice of toast and jam
cup of rice milk

Egg mayonnaise sandwich (1 egg, 1 slice of bread)

biscuit mid afternoon

1 bite of chicken sandwich
1 bite of biscuit
cup of rice milk

I have gone beyond despairing....

Mercy Thu 23-Oct-08 15:19:57

When I get back from school I'll tell you what my 4 year old eats, then you'll know what a fussy/small eater is!

ohdearwhatamess Thu 23-Oct-08 15:22:28

In a typical day my ds (2.5 years, so slightly younger) eats:

2 weetabix with fruit slop hidden in the milk
slice of toast with jam or pate
cup of rice milk

slice of toast with pate or peanut butter

sandwich - ham, tuna, egg mayonnaise
cup of milk

I have gone beyond despairing. He won't eat potatoes, rice, pasta, veg,....

Thomcat Thu 23-Oct-08 15:28:43

My DD is 3 at the end of the year.

She eats a very small breakfast:
She still has hot milk every morning at her absolute insistence (about 200 ml)
she'll nibble a slice of toast with butter and jam, OR she'll have a coissant or a scotch pancake or waffle and some fruit

little snack of some fruit or a hovis cracjker about 10ish

Lunch - moderate
pasta or
jack pot or
a picnicy thing with breadsticks, cucumber, scotch eggs etc or
a boiled egg or
bowl of veggie soup

always followed by fruit or a yoghurt

Dinner - this is when she eats well and will have pretty much anything I give her
spag bol
chicken, corn on cob, jack pot
shep pie
chciken rice

always followed by yoghurt and/or fruit

Mercy Thu 23-Oct-08 16:18:46

ohdearwhatamess, your dd eats a fair bit for a 2.5 year old tbh.

My ds is 4.8 and on a very good day will eat

Small piece of toast (Marmite only, no butter/Olivio)

Fruit and milk at school

Carton of juice
Small Marmite sandwich (not butter etc)
A few grapes

2 fishfingers, a few chips
2 sausages, a tablespoon of mash, some raw carrot sticks
A Petit Filou

As I said this is on a very good day; he fairly often will only have one or 2 meals per day as he usually won't eat breakfast. He also eats a limited variety of food and has recently stopped eating pasta. Dinner is often about 3 tablespoons of baked beans

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