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very fussy 3 year old?

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tinkisgoingtohaveapumpkin Wed 22-Oct-08 16:38:37

my dd is 3 years old when born started on 25th centile in record book now on 0.4th centile, we saw a paedatrician for a while as good improvement stopped going ages ago.

the following is what she will eat on a usual day :-

breakfast :-

milk to drink
a banana
2 small petit filou yogs
tiny amount of cereal
fruit pouch

lunch :-

one slice of toast with marmite
fruit pouch
heinz biscotti biscuits


small pasta shells or

wont eat:-
chicken dippers or other meat
except for scotch eggs
pasta with sauce
tomatoe heinz spagetti in tins
spag bol etc

does this sound normal for her age?

compo Wed 22-Oct-08 16:40:46

what is a fruit pouch?
will she eat any other fruit besides bananas?
can you pad out dinner with an apple crumble and custard?

tinkisgoingtohaveapumpkin Wed 22-Oct-08 16:43:02

heinz do them just pureed fruit in a pouch
she would see all the lumps in crumble
she tends to look @ food and then if she doesnt like the look of it says dont like it and there is nothing u can do!!
used to eat strawberried not anymore
the fruit pouches have mango in and pear and apple etc

nannyL Wed 22-Oct-08 21:22:56

sounds normal

are you saying how can she eat more?

if so remove biscuits / crisps / yogurts etc and she will be hungrier and eat more

also doesnt look like she is getting much protein

the answer is

offer the food YOU want your child to eat (( asmall portion etc, they can always ask for more)...
they can either eat it (praise praise praise) not eat it and be hungry, ignore and nothing other than water passes their lips until next meal.... at which point they can either eat it, or be hungrier... and this continues forever

hungry children will eat...

(children who no they will be offered other food etc wont)

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