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I've bought four cheese stuffed fresh pasta, would it be nice with tomato sauce?

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CharCharBaGOOOOOOORE Sun 19-Oct-08 13:08:45

I usually make tomato pasta sauce with loads of veg, tinned tomatoes and lentils with herbs. Would this be nice with cheese stuffed pasta? Thanks.

mamalovesmojitos Sun 19-Oct-08 14:23:33

mmm...lovely! i think tomato sauce is best with four cheese pasta as it is simple enough not to detract from the pasta flavours.

wouldn't think of lentils myself but probably very nice. enjoy.

IfIhadaMillionDollars Sun 19-Oct-08 14:24:19

oh yes, making my tastebuds go just thinking about it!

CharCharBaGOOOOOOORE Sun 19-Oct-08 14:40:31

Great because it's simmering now! grin I add lentils as DD won't eat meat so it adds a bit of protein in. Suppose the pasta's got cheese in so it wouldn't be needed but never mind. Have put in courgettes, onion, sugar snap peas and carrot. It smells lovely! Thanks guys.

mamalovesmojitos Sun 19-Oct-08 15:54:58

wish i was at your house!

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