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Is there anything I can use instead of milk powder to make white bread rolls in my breadmaker?

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Lauriefairycake Sun 19-Oct-08 12:13:21

I have no milk powder though I have milk and/or buttermilk pancake powder which I use for a lot of things.

Anyone tried it without? It's the panasonic recipe book for white bread rolls on the dough option.

MarkStretch Sun 19-Oct-08 12:14:57

I never put milk powder in mine although it says to.

Bread normally turns out ok.

llareggub Sun 19-Oct-08 12:15:01

I've never added milk powder to any of my bread. Just go without, it'll be fine.

duckyfuzz Sun 19-Oct-08 12:16:04

use 3tbsp olive oil instead of milk powder and butter, yum

Lauriefairycake Sun 19-Oct-08 12:18:52

I've made bread every day without the milk powder on the standard 5 hour setting and it turns out fine but I'm worried cos this is the dough setting

can I really add this much olive oil to the dough setting duckyfuzz? cos i do love a good olive/ciabatta type bread

duckyfuzz Sun 19-Oct-08 12:20:56

that amount works for 500g flour, so if you're making less dough than that I'd adjust accordingly

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