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Please help - frozen sausage meat stuffing balls use by August 2007 - shall I use them or will I cause the demise of my entire family ??

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pindywop Sun 19-Oct-08 11:02:04

They were bought frozen ones and have obviously been in the freezer longer than I thought blush
Have 8 for lunch today and was trying to be economical....
Would you use them ??

pindywop Sun 19-Oct-08 11:11:06

please someone

Shall I or not !!

ceciliaaherne Sun 19-Oct-08 11:15:01

No, meat has to be used within a certain time or it does start to do something even if frozen. And they are over a year out of date.

lucysmam Sun 19-Oct-08 11:15:20

erm, probably not tbh since they've been there over a year

Flamesparrow Sun 19-Oct-08 11:18:24

They are USE BY not even Best Before! I would go with no, and I am always very lax on these things

ruty Sun 19-Oct-08 11:41:16


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