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Exciting ideas for cutesy baby pumpkins please!

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MrsSplat Thu 16-Oct-08 21:47:17

Of the eating variety. I figure the usual treatment (peeling/seeding/hollowing) will result in frugal amounts of pumpkin. So what can I do? Or has my love of mini-food taken me in a futile direction?

charitas Thu 16-Oct-08 23:02:44

saw somw stuffed with cream cheese and garlic in a deli today

slug Fri 17-Oct-08 14:28:05

Cut off top. Scoop put seeds. Fill cavity with soft cheese, herbs, possibly a little bit of chilli and garlic. Replace top and cook for about 20-30 minutes.

MrsSplat Sat 18-Oct-08 22:04:04

thanks - that sounds v.nice

MrsSplat Tue 21-Oct-08 17:54:44

Yum yum!! Made it last night, as above from slug with goats cheese, bit of chopped tomato and flat parsley, finely chopped fresh ginger, cayenne pepper and olive oil.

Flesh very scoopable when eating just leaving outer rind like you would when hollowing an avocado.

If only pumpkins were available for longer. Must buy some more cuties before they all go... the stuffing possibilities are endless!

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