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Want to make risotto but have just realised that I'm out of arboria rice, will another rice do??

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dairymoo Thu 16-Oct-08 17:24:11

I have brown (easy cook) and pudding rice. Will the pudding rice be ok?

dairymoo Thu 16-Oct-08 17:24:48

oh and I meant arborio rice, oops blush

Horton Thu 16-Oct-08 17:39:47

Pudding rice will be okay. It might be a bit gloopier than normal, at a guess.

CountessDracula Thu 16-Oct-08 17:41:57

I use carnaroli

I would think use the long grain and do a baked risotto, my stepfather used to do this and it was delicious

dairymoo Thu 16-Oct-08 17:43:04

Like the idea of baked risotto as I'm assuming that eliminates the endless stirring? Do you have a basic recipe CD?

CountessDracula Thu 16-Oct-08 17:43:36

no I don't think I do
My mum will be here in a minute I will ask her

dairymoo Thu 16-Oct-08 17:44:00

Thanks smile

CountessDracula Thu 16-Oct-08 17:44:46

here there is one here or many others if you google

sunnygirl1412 Thu 16-Oct-08 17:45:15

I'd use the brown rice. I make a risotto with ordinary long grain rice - it doesn't have the creamy texture but does get a lovely flavour (I brown the rice and onions first before adding the stock etc). It has the big advantage for me that it is just as delicious cold the next day, for my lunch.

In all honesty, it's probably more of a savoury rice than a pukka risotto, but it's my mum's recipe and she called it risotto, so who am I to argue??!!

dairymoo Thu 16-Oct-08 17:50:06

Great, thanks. Will try the brown rice and see what happens! I'm going to add lots of lovely butternut squash and Saint Agur anyway, so probably can't go that wrong!

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