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shinyshoes Thu 16-Oct-08 16:35:05

What can I do with these sardines, I took them out of the freezer last night?

Any ideas welcome


ChukkyPig Thu 16-Oct-08 16:37:11

I'd just grill 'em if I was you, maybe a bit of salt on the skin, get the skin nice n crispy and serve with a big salad. Yum!

Did you want something exciting though?

shinyshoes Thu 16-Oct-08 16:39:26

Any suggestion are welcome. Yours sounds nice. I was looking it being 9 month old baby friendly too, which your seems to be (minus the salt).

ChukkyPig Thu 16-Oct-08 19:59:55

How did you get on? I love my fish and so keen to see if you enjoyed it!!

Incidentally our DD loves tinned sardines which are a doddle when you're out of ideas and packed full of lovely fish oils - and v good value to boot!! Just make sure you drain the oil off and put them on kitchen towel for a while to soak up - I always get sardines in olive oil - but still probably a bit oily for more than once a week! Yum though...

shinyshoes Fri 17-Oct-08 22:09:06

She got on fine.

I cooked myself two for lunch and left her one for tea. I had to pick out ALOT of bones, but she seemed to enjoy it.

I followed your recipe (minus the salt ).

I certainly enjoyed them, I don't think I will give them to her anytime soon as I didn't realise how many bones they contained.

At least I lknow now how to cook sardines wink


ChukkyPig Sat 18-Oct-08 01:10:33

If bones are tiresome then things like lemon sole dover sole plaice etc i.e. the flatfish are delicious and boneless if you get fillets - they cost a bomb though! with them you flour on each side then fry in a bit of butter for a minute or two each side (until turn white) then serve with mash and spinach yum...

The tinned sardines are bone free if you get the fillets - not quite the same kettle of fish (ha!) but still yummy... maybe an acquired taste!

Am v pleased your DC enjoyed the sardine, our DD will eat pretty much anything, and I think it's simply because we give it to her! Try telling people your 9mo likes sardines - jaws will drop! Glad you enjoyed them too! x

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