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Would you use eggs two weeks over date if they'd been refrigerated the whole time??

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RiojaLover75 Thu 16-Oct-08 15:28:43

Need to make a cake and the only eggs I've got are over date.


youknownothingofthecrunch Thu 16-Oct-08 15:29:42

I would do they egg test.

Put them in water - if they float they're off, if they sink they're fine.

RiojaLover75 Thu 16-Oct-08 15:29:54

Opppss looking at the date they are three weeks over [embarrassed]

Sazisi Thu 16-Oct-08 15:31:43

I wouldn't.

RiojaLover75 Thu 16-Oct-08 15:32:20

Thanks Crunch I'll try the floater test grin

LittleMyDancingWithTheDevil Thu 16-Oct-08 15:33:26

Yes. Eggs keep much longer than they ever put on the dates, and don't need refrigerating.

Besides, if you break them open you'll know if they're off! Just break them into a cup first so you don't waste your flour etc if they're off.

Aimsmum Thu 16-Oct-08 15:34:18

Message withdrawn

RiojaLover75 Thu 16-Oct-08 15:37:50

Great, will try in a minute! Will have a very dissapointed toddler if they're off. I promised to make a cake with him this afternoon.

Baby is sleeping so I can't even go out and get any more.

Fingers crossed.

shinyshoes Thu 16-Oct-08 16:04:40

Another test.

spin the egg and tap it very quickly If the egg stops spinning it's off (the yolk is bad) but if it keeps spinning the egg is good (the yolk is still spinning)

sasamax Thu 16-Oct-08 16:07:41

Defo do the water test - date are rubbish on eggs!
The water test works as the older the egg the larger the air bubble at the top - the larger the air bubble the more likely it is to float. It's pretty fool-proof.

ivykaty44 Thu 16-Oct-08 16:10:05

The water test shows that the eggs are either fresh or stale not whether they have gone off.

Crack the eggs into a seperate bowl before you start baking and see whether they are ok or smell bad.

DartmoorMama Thu 16-Oct-08 16:10:06

The reason the water thing works is cos they absorb air over time so new eggs sink- no air bubble whereas old eggs float-big air bubble. Sometimes you can see the air bubble if you boil an egg there is the void under the shell. They are probably fine, they last ages.

DartmoorMama Thu 16-Oct-08 16:10:46

ooops someone else posted reason, teach me to type faster.

prettybird Thu 16-Oct-08 18:07:08

I'd use them without a second thought. You'll be able to tell if the eggs are off! grinblush

For that "little" over the "Use by" date, I would just break thme stragiht in. It wold only be if they are signficiantly over the date that I might break them into a separate bowl.

Flamesparrow Thu 16-Oct-08 18:08:56

i always just crack separately

overthemill Thu 16-Oct-08 18:09:45

yes, but crack them into a cup one at a time in case! eggs take ages to go off

candyfluff Fri 17-Oct-08 09:49:33

ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww not unless you want awful food poisoning

PinkChick Fri 17-Oct-08 09:52:08 have thrown away 1 day over use by date!..wouldnt mess with eggs!

Kathyis6incheshigh Fri 17-Oct-08 09:52:14

No, they'll be stale and horrible, even if they're not off.

hanaflower Fri 17-Oct-08 09:52:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RupertTheBear Fri 17-Oct-08 09:52:38

It will be pretty obvious if they are off once you crack them. I would crack them into a bowl and if there is no horrid smell I would use them without a second thought.

Sawyer64 Fri 17-Oct-08 09:53:11

Never refridgerate mine..... More likely to crack when boiling as extreme temp changes.

Like other things Eggs are very noticable when off,so test them first.

girlandboy Fri 17-Oct-08 09:55:29

Yep, agree with the majority. Crack them in a bowl first.
No niff - use them
Black and make you faint - don't use them

KerryMumchingOnEyeballs Fri 17-Oct-08 09:55:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

hidetheribbons Fri 17-Oct-08 09:57:10

I would use them, but only in cakes etc, not as an egg on its own. I have often gone 2 weeks over the sell by date without any problems. If worried - smell them first.

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