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Credit crunch recipes! hehe. Shall we have a thread with cheap meals/recipes? I'll start

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MamaG Wed 15-Oct-08 13:44:06

<prepares for tumbleweed>

Mix one pack of mince with half a large onion, a table spoon of worcester sauce, a teaspoon of mustard, an egg, a cup of grated cheese and salt and pepper.

Stick in a lightly greased 2lb loaf tin.

Stand tin in a baking tray full of water, cover in foil and bake for about an hour on GAS 6.

After an hour, remove foil, spread tom puree (or ketchup!) over, grated cheese and then breadcrumbs (smashed up cream crackers fine) then bake until cheese melted.

Voila. cheapo meatloaf type thing that my chef DH loves.

Tanee58 Wed 15-Oct-08 14:52:30

Sausage & Leek Risotto - slice a large leek until tender, fry some sausages, slice them up and add to leeks. Cook the risotto rice according to packet with plenty of stock, thyme and pepper, add the leek and sliced sausage to the rice whilst it's cooking, add some grated cheese just before serving (grana padano is cheaper than parmesan) - it's filling and often lasts three of us for two meals as you need to add more water/stock when reheating and it GROWS!

MamaG Wed 15-Oct-08 15:55:05

oops double posted - have copied Tanee's recipe over

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