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Meal planners step this way - I'd like to talk logistics (rather than the actual meals)

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MrsFogi Tue 14-Oct-08 16:55:35

I'm about to embark on meal planning before my return to work (as I'll no longer be able to pop to the shops each day). I don't have a problem coming up with what to cook. However I could do with how you work the logistics - do you do the shopping once a week for all the meals? What about the vegetables, fish, meat - do you also get them at the beginning of the week? If so, do you not find that the veg is a bit faded by the end of the week? etc etc - any pointers on tried and tested methods of actually making the logistics (rather than just drawing up the plans) would be much appreciated.

Weegle Tue 14-Oct-08 19:19:24

ok... I plan a menu for Tues-Mon. I work out 7 meals then shift those with the highest fresh veg content to the beginning of the 7 days, so towards the end might be something like spag bol, whereas a stir fry would be at the beginning. I try to make sure I have 1-2 fish meals, 1-2 veg meals and then the rest meat based. All meat is frozen on day of delivery if it's going to go out of date before use. I also know roughly how much milk, bread and other staples the family get through in a week and order the appropriate amount which is then frozen. This system works fantastically, we very rarely have any waste at all. We quite often pop to the local shops on a Fri/Sat for extra milk (the freezer can only hold so much!) and maybe some extra things for the weekend if we are running low - normally fruit and things like cherry tomatoes, bits and pieces for lunches, but we are talking less than £10 outside of the main weekly shop. HTH.

MurderousMarla Tue 14-Oct-08 19:35:08

I plan the weeks meals, with the quickest/easiest dinners on the days I'm working. Freeze things that won't be eaten for 3/4 days (e.g. pizza, mince, fish) and then do a top up shop for the second half of the weeks veg, and fresh bread/milk - small freezer so can't do these in bulk.

I used to do it online but got fed up of not being able to choose things so much prefer going to the supermarket now - I go first thing in the morning when the shelves are full, the car park empty, and the muffins fresh from the oven

norksinmywaistband Tue 14-Oct-08 19:37:42

I do mine in a similar vein to Weegles

SammyK Tue 14-Oct-08 19:51:14

I shop, or get a delivery on a sunday, for meals sun - sat.

We freeze anything that won't be eaten within a few days/before eat by date, things like meat, bread, etc. You just have to rememebr to get things out of the freezer in time! (I have meal planner/week planner on kitchen walll)

I only shop once a week and very rarely do a top up shop - if I do it's usually a pint of milk.

I am going to nikc weelges idea of two veggy meals and two fish meals a week as this will cut costs and be healthier - thanks weegle. grin

Indith Tue 14-Oct-08 19:57:45

Veg is a weekly box. I plan according to that. To avoid veg going off I plan meals to use stuff that fades quickly first (leafy things, broc etc) and end the week with stews, spag bol etc.

Meat is bought every 2-3 weeks from farm shop and frozen in family sized portions.

I do 2 shops a week usually (but mainly because I walk so can't carry it all, if I worked and drove would prob be a weekly shop). Once on the day of/day after the veg box to get what I need for the menu plan and other bits we are running out of (pasta, juice etc) and once half way through the week-ish for milk, bread, fruit etc.

cremolafoam Tue 14-Oct-08 19:59:34

I do similar to weegle and MM
Usually Monday to Monday
I get the delivery or trudge round the shop myself on Monday afternoon( I finish about 3pm)
I do the simplest meal on a Monday( often just grilled meat or veg with mash)
Tuesday is pasta or Noodley stirfry thing
Wednesday is always sausages (with Polenta or Baked spuds)
Thursday is rice so risotto/curry/pilau thing
Friday is FO Friday when the dh and dd have to sort it.
Saturday: A pie of some sort or pizza
Sunday : soup with leftovers; and whatever is left in the freezer.
usually go to a farmers market on Saturday morning and get loads of nice veg.

RhinestoneCowghoul Tue 14-Oct-08 20:11:33

I do a plan for Fri - Thurs, as DH finishes work early on Friday and so does the supermarket shop. He has a list and does not deviate from it (which is why I don't go as I am more tempted by treats!).

We only have meat once or twice a week, so this tends to be at the weekend, although sometimes I may have some mince or chicken pieces in the freezer. Friday night is always curry night (DH cooks). Similar to weegle about the veg, with stir-fry etc towards beginning of the week.

Before making the plan I always check my storecupboard/freezer to incorporate anything that needs using up. I also freeze portions when I make extra so that I can have quick meals on the days I am working. Sometimes need to do a top-up for milk, occasionally veg, midweek. Bread is frozen.

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